Monday, March 8, 2010

Belly pics

I have to brag a little bit about Lezlie, our photographer. I first ran across Lezlie's work on a friend's blog & contacted her to see if she'd shoot Annerson's maternity pics for us. We drove to Amarillo for the first time to shoot with her back in July of 2008 and immediately fell in love with her heart & personality. She is a strong believer who seeks to glorify God as a mom, wife & photographer.

Since then we have used her to do all our pictures. There are many amazing local photographers which would be more convenient to use, but we are always more than pleased with the pics Lezlie captures of us. It is well worth the 2 hour distance hurdle for us to continue to use her. We recently asked Lezlie if she'd be willing to start coming to Lubbock to shoot our sessions so we can get familiar places in our home and around town. Of course she eagerly agreed. Lezlie is a blast to work with. Lex & I "offer" a lot of suggestions as to what kind of shots we want and Lezlie always takes our ideas and runs with them. The pics she delivers exceed our expectations.

As always, thanks Lezlie for your heart for photography. You allow us to hold onto beautiful moments in our life through the images you capture.

Here are the maternity pics we did 3 weeks ago.

By the's name is Lincoln Walker.
I think I failed to put that on the blog.

A few from Annerson's maternity pics.
Notice the stark difference in the tone of the pics.
Each session is so unique with her. Never the same.