Thursday, February 25, 2010

So are you ever going to blog again?

Hello to all the fans out there of this pitiful blog!!!

It's me. I'm posting after almost 3 months of nothing. I keep hearing these encouraging voices in my head...the echo of 1 dear sister & 1 sweet friend asking me over and over again, "Are you ever going to blog again?". I seriously heard these exact words from both of them within 24 hours of each other. So what that it was like a month ago. That's why I said it was an echo.

So here I am.

I'm going to make this short & sweet. Because I feel the need to update from where I left off but have no desire to do such a tedious chore, I am going to instead share a few pics with you of our life since I disappeared.

I'm subtitling this post


Christmas morn before we opened gifts

and after
(if you look very very very closely you can see the catastrophic pile of confetti that attacked me as I opened Annerson's present from Uncle Adam and Aunt She Thinks She's Funny. I still find this confetti in random places.
And she thinks she got away with it.)

Before I had ever cooked a Christmas dinner


Before our adorable daughter learned that knocking down block towers
is a good way to get a rise out of daddy

After she knocked them down & couldn't stop laughing at herself

Before when we had a storage room with a concrete floor,
lots of windows & a lot of dust

After my stud husband and Joel
starting tackling "Project Nursery"

After they became master construction workers

Before we had a door in our room connecting to the nursery

After Lex did some manly sawing

After the guys "threw the door up in a couple of hours".
No biggie.

Before the texturing, paint & carpet action

After...this was a beautiful sight

The following are some shots of what I did to keep myself busy since I couldn't work on the nursery while it was under construction.

Our bathroom cabinet before I realized what a disaster it was

After I gave it a little makeover

Kitchen cabinet before

After it became my favorite cabinet in the kitchen

before when this was quite possibly the most ridiculous
storage area in the house or in the universe

As Cher from Clueless would say, "Not a total Betty but a vast improvement!"

Before Annerson's 1st haircut! (sniff sniff)

Can we say cutie?

Before I was really pregnant

32 weeks pregnant, but who's counting?

So there you have it. A glimpse into the lives of the Dooley family. We've been busy doing life, getting ready to be parents of 2 children instead of just 1, and oh...growing a baby. I'm now 34 weeks & I feel like things are starting to settle down a bit. I can't wait to read all your blogs and get caught up with your lives. I'm sure you've noticed due to my lack of comments that I not only neglected my blog but yours as well.

upcoming posts: Lincoln's nursery, maternity pics & baby shower