Monday, October 5, 2009

THANK YOU for not coming

Gandy (Grandpa Joel) didn't come to Lubbock this past weekend for the Tech game. We always love it when he comes to visit, but this weekend we were able to use his season tickets and see Tech beat New Mexico. Last season we took her to a game and she slept the whole time. This time she wasn't interested in sleeping or watching the game. Although we missed seeing Gandy, it was fun to get out in the rain & watch Annerson run all over section 118. Lex & I both took turns keeping her occupied. At one point Lex took her to go get us a drink. It took them an entire quarter it seemed. Come to find out it's because Annerson made some fans and had 6 different people take pictures of her.

So THANKS GANDY for the tickets. As much fun as the game was we'd rather see you. So hurry and come to Lubbock this weekend already!!!!