Friday, October 2, 2009

Poop & Colds

So...Annerson had her first floating terds in the tub tonight. Did I just type that?

I should have known she was pooping b/c she was sitting funny, but she's never done that before so I didn't even consider it until I saw 3 terds floating behind her. At that point I guess it wasn't really a consideration, more like a "AH! What do I do?" moment. I actually said that out loud & then looked at Annerson and said, "Don't you move!".

I grabbed her play cup and started corralling the little nuggets toward it. Looking back I realize that I should have gotten her out of the tub right away but all I could think about was the poop gone wild floating all over the place. Somewhere in there I drained the water and one little terdy escaped the cup of doom and got stuck in the drain. Quick thinking led me to grab a disposable razor and stick the end of it down into the drain to pull it out. It really was poop on a stick. Don't worry, I threw the razor away.

So finally I got Annerson out, bleached the tub & we started the bath routine all over again. I made it very clear that we don't poop in the tub, but I know that she's gonna go when she's gotta go so I just have to be ready, right? I think next time I will respond a little less franticly...well, can one ever really be prepared for tub poop? I sure wasn't tonight.

I know you are all expecting a picture to go along with this post, but I have to let you down. You read how I handled this people. There was no thought about grabbing the camera during that chaos. I do however have a picture to share that captures why my nose is bright red & about to fall off.

pile of kleenex after 1 night of blowing

All 3 of us are fighting colds.
I'm just thankful I don't have the flu.
I'll take a cold any day over the other stuff going around right now.


Beth said...

It gets better-just wait til you have a tub full of kiddos and one of them (hopefully the youngest) poops. No matter how often it happens, I still freak out. But tub toys can always use a good bleaching, right?
I hope you feel better soon!

Jason and Stephanie Trook said...

I'm cracking up! THANK YOU for NOT including a poop pic! Hope you all feel better soon!

The Grays said...

HAHA! Poop in the tub is NOT fun. Gavin has had TWO accidents and I now watch their faces very closely during bathtime and pull them out as soon as I see any suspicious facial expressions. I am glad you don't have the flu too, and hope you all get over your colds quickly!

Lori T said...

Thank you for your post; I needed the laugh. I read the post to Jonathan, too. :) Abby has never done that-- yet.

Hope y'all get to feeling better soon!!

Beautiful Mess said...

Oh! my word I almost peed my pants reading this... TMI? Naw!

Found you through thankful blogging with Steffany--happy to meet you!

Anonymous said...