Sunday, October 11, 2009

Don't be fooled

I had a friend tell me that I needed to update my blog. Well.
This isn't an update. It's a pre-update.
I will update tomorrow.

I must mention however that Annerson pooped in the tub again tonight. Not sure what's going on here. Based on the evidence (2x the amount of terds at a much quicker rate) she apparently was more relaxed than the first time it happened.

Not funny.

I was so close to getting the camera but Lex's words rang out in my head & I thought better of it.

"You didn't take a picture of it did you...If you did...." That was after the 1st time.

Peace out.


Lex said...

That is hilarious!!! That's a daddy's girl right there.

Tara said...

Lex, I'm sad I didn't get to see it! Leah has to take pictures of moments like this if for no other reason than to send it to me so I can pretend I'm still at your house all the time! Hahaha miss y'all!

Amy said...

So funny! I am glad Sage has never done that (yet!)