Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My cake

That's right. I got a HSM cake yesterday for my 27th bday!

URAQT-you are a cutie...thanks
ZUP?-really? did they really put that on a cake?
2G2BT-this cake is too good to be true!

Check out the locker! It's so cool.
The mini locker had a mini "yearbook" and stickers

I also received 2 other yummy treats yesterday for my bday.
Lex brought me breakfast in bed.
Tim & Beth took me to Sheridan's for my most favorite treat in the whole world.

Thank you for making my bday special!!!


the Gray's said...

I am glad to hear your day was special! That cake and locker is HILARIOUS. Love it

apesdina said...

Yay...he had us at Hairspray! Aw, I hope you had an amazing day! I love you.

Diana said...

Hope you had a great birthday!!

Lindsey said...

High School Musical - Wow! That is just sad. Love ya friend! Glad you had a good birthday.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I missed your bday and didn't even wish you a belated one. I'm sorry! Hope it was great and you enjoyed your cake!

stephanie said...

hahahah i love this. you are hilarious. happy birthday! and congrats on baby #2!!! :) i was so excited when Steffany told me... yay!

Anonymous said...