Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The last 2 weeks...

We went to Disney World

Annerson discovered ballons

Annerson discovered Florida heat
(yes, her hair is drenched w/ sweat, not water)

We took pictures for a couple that just got engaged at Sea World.
His camera broke 10 mins. before he proposed.
Aren't they cutie?

I remembered why I wanted to be a marine biologist in high school

Lex's brother Glenn & Rachelle got married in Orlando

Glenn entered the wedding reception dressed like this

Anners and I shared a special mommy daughter dance during the reception

Annerson continued to find new and improved ways to play Peek-a-Boo

We had a sweet visit from Gramie

we had TWO 3 day visits from my dad
1 before we went to Florida and one after
(we kinda look alike, huh?)

It's been a fun July for the Dooleys.

Wednesday morning we leave Lubbock again. This time will be super fun but in a very different way. Lex is flying to Boston to drive back to Texas with his best friend Graham. I am flying to St. Louis to visit my brother & sister and the kids. Lex will be gone a week. I'll be gone 10 days! I'm almost hyperventilating just typing it out.

Lex has never been away from Annerson or me this long.
The separation will be hard so please pray for us!!

P.S. Lex went over to tell Allen, our crazy neighbor, that we were leaving town. He came back and said that Allen didn't even live there anymore. He just moved out and 2 other guys are living there now. He didn't even say bye.

I'm off to finish the last minute packing and then it's off to bed. I'll try to update from the road but I can't make any promises. (:

He's Enough,