Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Annerson had her 9 month check up this morning.  It seems like we were just visiting Dr. Stripling's office for her 3 day appointment.  It really does goes by in a blink. 

She is progressing really well in her development.  The doctor was impressed with her cognitive abilities more than anything.  He said that she seemed 2 months ahead of schedule in that area. Works for me!  

Drum roll for the bullet list of milestones....hey, the grandparents want to know this stuff, ok?  
  • She weighs 16.5 lbs. -10% percentile
  • She's 27.25 inches long -50% percentile
  • Head is also 50% percentile...44 cm.
  • She's crawling!  She started at 8 1/2 months.  
  • She's pulling up.  This happened a few days after crawling.
  • Almost cruising-she'll take the steps if we coax her to come our way.
  • She loves puffs, soft table foods & most baby foods
  • She's started trying to feed us her finger foods...adorable
  • She's always standing in her crib when I go get her in the morning
  • Annerson loves to take walks.  I told this to my Papa tonight on the phone.  We were on a walk when I was talking to him and he said, "You mean she's WALKING ALREADY?"  I guess that could be confusing since I said, "We're on a walk." Or maybe it's just because he's 89 years old.  Gotta love Papa.
  • Finally, after 2 months of laboring, figured out how to drink from her sippy cup
  • Let's see...she points, shakes her head no in response to us telling her "NO", has started dancing when music is on, & is starting to wave
  • This girl loves Olly!  She gets so excited when he walks in the room or she hears him meow.  The feelings aren't exactly mutual.  
The list goes on and go of course.  But you get the jist.  She's our little Annerson Grace & we love her dearly.  Everyday there is something waiting to capture our amazement. Everyday we feel the bond grow as a family.  

Here are some of my favorite pics from her 8th month


Amy said...

Ha! I love all the pictures, around the corner surprise, eating the doorpost and the huge smile in the green swimsuit are priceless! I know what you mean about it going by SO fast. Sage will be one at the end of this month, aahhh, that is crazy!!

Lori T said...

Wow, she has changed so much since I last saw her!

Oh, and you put 17 something inches; I'm sure you meant 27?

Anyway, she's such a cutie!

Laura Moon said...

She can dance!

Melissa said...

haha! i love the pictures! she is hilarious and oh so smart. yay for all her milestones!

Beth said...

She is just precious! Calyn is going to be so excited when she sees that Annerson has the same swimsuit as her. Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

The McDons said...

O my goodness, she's adorable! I love the bear picture...priceless!

Tara Mahan said...

How did I not see this post until just now? I LOVE THE PICTURES... she's soooo precious (and still the backdrop on my phone). I need to see video of her doing these things:
-crawling (duh)
-standing in her crib
-drinking from her sippy cup

Okay. I think that'll about cover it. Make it happen Leah :) Bahahah LOVE ALL 3 OF YOU!

Brianna said...

She is so beautiful and full of personality like her mom and dad.

Anonymous said...