Thursday, July 23, 2009

She left us

Tara moved back home to Houston in May. She and I met on mission trip a long time ago...6 years I think. She thought I was crazy and I thought she was an adorable girl who had just found Jesus. She was at the beginning of a lifelong journey of faith, a journey that I was blessed to get to become a part of. That was the start of our friendship. Years later we are closer than ever. I started discipling her 2 years ago when she was in our Challenge leadership group. She has become like a little sister to me and a friend I can share my family & faith with.

A few words to describe Tara
a genuine friend
faithful to the Lord
loves the Word of God
precious sense of humor
golden smile

Annerson especially misses Aunt Tara. I've always said she is Annerson's biggest fan (besides our family members that adore her!). She has been there through it all; finding out I was pregnant, sitting on the couch with me & saying, "I can't believe there's a baby in there! It's so weird!", watching me get big, coming to the hospital right after church got out when Annerson was born, witnessing Annerson's milestones & accomplishments, countless hours spent playing with Annerson in our home, countless hours spent in our home doing nothing, and most of all, countless hours spent in the Word together, crying, laughing, growing...

I miss her. Lubbock isn't the same without Tara. Somedays I wish she'd just call me up and say "I'm on my way over. What kind of drink do you want from Sonic?"

Here are some pictures from the last couple of days before Tara left

Anners & Tara reading her new GiGi book

sweet friends

it started hitting Tara that she was leaving

It started hitting Anners that she was leaving

still sad...

opening her going away presents

right before she drove out of Lubbock

Ollie...very sad. She and Tara shared a special bond.
More like a love/hate relationship actually.

"You can't leave if I'm sitting in your seat!"

I know you miss Annerson probably the most of everyone you left in Lubbock. She misses you, too. She really does. So here is a special birthday message just from her.

We are so excited for you Tara.
I can't wait to see how God grows your faith this year. Thank you for loving us so much.
I hope you have an amazing birthday today!!!


Tara said...

Lex wasn't kidding about the tissues! You are so sweet!

Daily life without y'all is very different and I miss all three of you so much! It has been such a blessing to be a part of your lives and to learn from y'all over the last several years. I never had a "Goodbye Lubbock" post because I just couldn't handle it.

Thank you for the wonderful pictures of Anners... this might be the best gift though! I wish I could just surprise you and show up in Lubbock to see all of you! Maybe sometime after I start getting a paycheck, haha.

steffany said...

so sweet

somebody said...