Sunday, May 10, 2009

My 1st Mom's Day

I have an amazing husband.  
This is what I woke up to this morning.

Lex got me a gift certificate to the Woodhouse Spa 
for a massage & facial acupressure. Super excited about this.  Definitely needed!
I had a card from Anners on my night stand-Hoops & YoYo.  All time FAV!
 Another card, from Lex, awaited me at the table.
He also planned to cook me breakfast.

Definitely had the pans on the stove ready to go before he went to bed last night!

Definitely had the bowl ready to mix the eggs in 
& the s&p prepped for seasoning before he went to bed last night!
This was the cutest.

Lex did all this last night AFTER he got off work at 1am.  He is so cute.  He tried so hard.
He didn't get to bed until 2:45am and then woke up at 7:45 with me to cook me breakfast. 

Time Out.  

After the tour of the prep work I realized what was going on & felt really bad.  I had planned on going to Mommies & Muffins up at the church.  This meant that I was leaving sooner than he had planned & that he'd have to make breakfast right then instead of in a little bit.  He was going to go back to sleep for a little while. Bye bye precious sleep for the oh so tired husband.  
So...I told him to go back to sleep & not to worry about actually cooking the breakfast he had well prepared & planned!!

He actually didn't mind this gesture on my part.  It was pretty comical actually.  He didn't even put up much of a protest.  He just went back to sleep! 
All the effort was very very much appreciated nonetheless.  I felt so special & loved.  I didn't even care if he cooked the breakfast or not.  

He made my first Mother's Day perfect!  

Thank you amazing husband who I love so dearly.  (no hints as to what I wanted or anything! He's good. He's fast.)

OH!  I also got flowers from Joel!  They were delivered on Saturday.  This made me feel super super special also.  EVERY girl needs to have flowers DELIVERED to her every once in a while.  It's so fun! 
Thanks Joel!!



ashley said...

way to go lex! I love the salt and pepper by the bowl!

The McDons said...

How sweet! I agree with Ashley, way to go Lex! What a great mom you are Leah!

ed said...


Leah Dooley said...

So...can anybody translate for this ED guy? Uh, should I be concerned?

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