Tuesday, May 5, 2009

75% to 1 year

Annerson turned 8 months while we were in Dallas last week.  We had a great time by the way.  It was so good to see my friends and Aunt Stef.  Annerson got to meet April, Laura, Amy & Sage.  We spent Wednesday with Aunt Stef & had lunch with her on Thursday.  It was such a good trip.

Laura is 12 weeks pregnant so she got a little taste of what is to come :)  

I thought I'd post some pics of the past month.  Here's a little of what she's been up to.

Trying new foods...always interesting

Looking oh so cute in her Easter dress

Skyping with the Browns in Africa!

Easter Sunday...a little frustrated 
with the egg apparently

visiting with Aunt Ambi & sticking my tongue out!

Playing with her blocks

She started sleeping on her tummy some


Walks with Daddy

snuggling the bumper

I've heard a lot of this lately:

"You look just like your mommy." 
"Look at those blue eyes!" 
"Well hello, bright eyes."
"She is so cute!"

These are a few of the comments I hear OVER AND OVER again when I'm in public with Annerson.  I love it.  

Lex & I are having so much fun being parents.  God has shown us pieces of Him that we never knew existed.  He's shown us pieces of our own hearts that need changing.  He's shown us truths we need to embrace & lies we need to let go of.  Being a parent is so amazing.

Thank you Lord for these 8 months with Annerson Grace. It is pure joy.