Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The notorious steroid post

I'm way over due for one of those ultra posts where I put a million pics of a million different things all in one.  I always do it.  I know you know what I'm talking about. That's just what I do when I get super behind on my blogging.  I just don't want to leave anything out!  

So here it is:

As many of you know my precious friend Tara moved from Lubbock back home to Houston.   We got to spend some good quality time with her before she left.  One night we went over to Tim & Beth's for some homemade pizza (why's it still doing this? How annoying!  I can't get it to stop!!)  Ahhhh!!!!!!!!

Ok, that's better.  Anyways.  That was ridiculous.  Um, where was I?  Oh yeah!  We had dinner with the Dallas family.  Here are some pictures of our adventurous evening.

Waiting outside for 10 mintues b/c Zach & Calyn couldn't get the door open.  We could hear them on the inside laughing and trying to open the door.  We seriously settled in & got cozy on the front porch.  We began to wonder if Beth was even home!  Don't worry, she was. Apparently Beth was in the shower. 

After dinner we were all serenaded by Zach & Calyn...huhum...I mean, Jon & Laney.  It's true.  Guest appearance at the Dallas house.  

It took them a while to get started, but once they did, they were good!
Look at the way she holds that mic! She is working it people.
And Jon....he gets down.  Don't let his shy personality fool you.  
He's a maniac on the guitar.

This is baby Abby Dallas.  She is trying out to be the Pearl Merchant dancer/event coordinator.  They're negotiating with Bobby D. as to wether or not she'd be allowed to actually dance on stage during 9:30 worship.  
We're keeping our fingers crossed Abby!  You go girl!

Later that week Abby came over to play with Anners while Zach & Calyn played their 2nd t-ball game of the day.  She quickly realized that Annerson had an activity table that looked all too familiar to one she used to have.  Hmmm....Don't worry Abby.  If you keep reading this post you will realize that Annerson now has her own table thanks to Gandy and can promptly return yours so you can not play with it. :) 

We decided to weather the cold weather and go to game #3.
Bundled up in May for a t-ball game.

"Can we take the activity table?  Please."

All-stars of the game!  
THE Zach & Calyn Dallas

Ok, this part was funny.  Tim is announcing the team, munchkins, line-up, whatever you call it, and Abby runs out to the middle of the field and stops.  She's so cute.  She's practically the mascot.

Ok, this part was even funnier.  DURING THE GAME (see the girl in the bottom right corner about to swing, uh huh) Abby runs out onto the field.  Beth jumps up and grabs her & just keeps walking.  It was awesome.  

Maybe in a few years kid.

Happy & calm.

Not so happy & calm. 
Annerson's reaction when I reminded her that Tara was leaving us soon.


So cute!

By now you may be saying to yourself, "Are they like obsessed with the Dallas fam or something?"
In response to that I say, "Tara & I are co-founders of the I HEART DALLAS FAMILY CLUB"  It's a non-prof organization for Dallas lovers like ourselves.  So yes, we might just be obsessed with this family.  If you knew them, you would be too!


Gandy Joel (that's his grandfather name until "Annerson decides for herself what she wants to call me") came to visit before Memorial Day.  We spent the majority of the time playing with the collection of new toys he bought for her.  

Annerson is Joel's first grandbaby so I have really enjoyed watching him get more and more comfortable with her as she gets older.  I could tell that this trip he was very relaxed & confident.  He fed her. Played with her.  Held her a bunch.  Still no offers to change a diaper though.  Maybe next time. 

Exploring the new Baby Grand Piano.  
SIDE NOTE: Joel researched this toy before purchasing it.  It's true.  When he got to Lubbock he pulled it up online to show me.  He did his homework.  The best part was when he found out that the Toys R Us had one in stock for us to go buy.  Good grandpa, huh?

Going the wrong way


 new activity table

Dinner at Steve & Kathi's

That's right Annerson...always expect flowers

What's better than playing with our pet cat 
Olllie who can't stand me & always runs away?  
A BLIND cat!  
She can't see my sticky little fingers coming for the whiskers!!!

We went to volunteer at an assisted living home 
& met this crazy man named Steve. He lost his marbles. 
Annerson though he was funny.

Sporting the Tech onesie for the fun of it

Gandy trying to teach Anners about stocks.  She wasn't too into it. 

Part C: 

Tara left Lubbock.  
That's all I'm going to blog about that right now.  
Tune in next time w/ I feel a little bit more emotionally stable & can deal with that post.

Real life Monopoly

I feel like I landed on the chance square in Monopoly & drew the "Bank Error in Your Favor! Collect $100" card.  

Buying a big girl car seat is always better when the money to purchase it comes in the form of a reimbursement check from our old health insurance.  Apparently we overpaid $320.83 on a bill from when Annerson was born.  Just in time to purchase the car seat I've been wanting that sells for $279...God is so awesome in the ways He provides.  

Saturday, May 23, 2009

So Busted

I have a feeling that this will be the first of many "busted" moments


Thursday, May 21, 2009


So much to blog about.  So little time.  Maybe I can catch up this weekend.  

Till then...peace & joy!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My 1st Mom's Day

I have an amazing husband.  
This is what I woke up to this morning.

Lex got me a gift certificate to the Woodhouse Spa 
for a massage & facial acupressure. Super excited about this.  Definitely needed!
I had a card from Anners on my night stand-Hoops & YoYo.  All time FAV!
 Another card, from Lex, awaited me at the table.
He also planned to cook me breakfast.

Definitely had the pans on the stove ready to go before he went to bed last night!

Definitely had the bowl ready to mix the eggs in 
& the s&p prepped for seasoning before he went to bed last night!
This was the cutest.

Lex did all this last night AFTER he got off work at 1am.  He is so cute.  He tried so hard.
He didn't get to bed until 2:45am and then woke up at 7:45 with me to cook me breakfast. 

Time Out.  

After the tour of the prep work I realized what was going on & felt really bad.  I had planned on going to Mommies & Muffins up at the church.  This meant that I was leaving sooner than he had planned & that he'd have to make breakfast right then instead of in a little bit.  He was going to go back to sleep for a little while. Bye bye precious sleep for the oh so tired husband.  
So...I told him to go back to sleep & not to worry about actually cooking the breakfast he had well prepared & planned!!

He actually didn't mind this gesture on my part.  It was pretty comical actually.  He didn't even put up much of a protest.  He just went back to sleep! 
All the effort was very very much appreciated nonetheless.  I felt so special & loved.  I didn't even care if he cooked the breakfast or not.  

He made my first Mother's Day perfect!  

Thank you amazing husband who I love so dearly.  (no hints as to what I wanted or anything! He's good. He's fast.)

OH!  I also got flowers from Joel!  They were delivered on Saturday.  This made me feel super super special also.  EVERY girl needs to have flowers DELIVERED to her every once in a while.  It's so fun! 
Thanks Joel!!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Low Rider

Lex keeps calling Annerson a low rider because we lowered her crib today.  
He's a major dad dork...but in an adorably sweet way!!

bye bye newborn crib height...hello about to be toddler height..sniffles

"Wow!  I'm getting so big!" 

"Wow!  I love to have my mouth open all the time!"

Don't you think she's looking more and more like Lex?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

75% to 1 year

Annerson turned 8 months while we were in Dallas last week.  We had a great time by the way.  It was so good to see my friends and Aunt Stef.  Annerson got to meet April, Laura, Amy & Sage.  We spent Wednesday with Aunt Stef & had lunch with her on Thursday.  It was such a good trip.

Laura is 12 weeks pregnant so she got a little taste of what is to come :)  

I thought I'd post some pics of the past month.  Here's a little of what she's been up to.

Trying new foods...always interesting

Looking oh so cute in her Easter dress

Skyping with the Browns in Africa!

Easter Sunday...a little frustrated 
with the egg apparently

visiting with Aunt Ambi & sticking my tongue out!

Playing with her blocks

She started sleeping on her tummy some


Walks with Daddy

snuggling the bumper

I've heard a lot of this lately:

"You look just like your mommy." 
"Look at those blue eyes!" 
"Well hello, bright eyes."
"She is so cute!"

These are a few of the comments I hear OVER AND OVER again when I'm in public with Annerson.  I love it.  

Lex & I are having so much fun being parents.  God has shown us pieces of Him that we never knew existed.  He's shown us pieces of our own hearts that need changing.  He's shown us truths we need to embrace & lies we need to let go of.  Being a parent is so amazing.

Thank you Lord for these 8 months with Annerson Grace. It is pure joy.