Tuesday, April 28, 2009

She loves Aunt Steffy

All week Annerson and I have been singing the AUNT STEFFY song.  

"You love Aunt Steffy!  You love Aunt Steffy!" 

Well, I guess I sing it and do a weird dance that I never can seem to remember so I make up a new one everytime I sing it!  Annerson just looks at me and smiles & laughs!  

We are driving to Dallas tomorrow to see Aunt Steffy!  Woohoo!!!

Lex is staying here :(   so I'm a little scared about making the drive alone.

Steffany is coming to Dallas for an orphan conference.  We are going to spend Wednesday with her.  Her conference is all day Thurs. & Fri. so I'll hang out with some other friends Thursday and then drive home Friday.  

Gotta go load up the car.


the Gray's said...

Have fun in Dallas!! Jordan and I are flying in there on Friday so we will just miss each other. I am leaving Madison for the first time! I'm sad about it already, but it will be a good trip.

The McDons said...

Have fun and be careful!!!!

steffany said...

I love Anner. I love my Anner.
Doing a dance. Shaking and groovin' thinking about my Annerson and her mommy

somebody said...