Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Dress

I'm so excited about my Easter dress this year because I don't have one!!!

The reason I do not have an Easter dress IS NOT b/c I don't have time to worry about that sort of thing this year since I'm a mom and all or that we don't have the money to buy one.  That's not the case at all. 

It's b/c I didn't want to do that this year.  I wanted to see if I could enjoy the blessing of the resurrection & focus my heart on that this year instead of preoccupying my affections with an excuse to buy a new outfit!  So far, I've been more than satisfied in the outcome.  I haven't hyperventilated yet that I won't have a shiny new pair of heels to wear with a new dress to church tomorrow.  In fact, it's almost midnight and I'm still not sure what I'm wearing to church tomorrow!  Ha!  I love it!!!

In case you haven't experienced Easter...I mean, experienced the cross, not hard boiled eggs & fake grass, then here's what it means to me: 

I am free.  I am free from the punishment that sin requires from a perfect & holy God.  On the cross Jesus hung with the weight of ALL sin on his body.  He was sinless and became sin for me, for YOU, so that we might have a restored relationship with the Father, the creator of everything.  When looking at the cross you may see a figure that is all too familiar, yet not much more than a man on a cross.  When I look at the cross I see my life.  Jesus is LIFE, not part of life.  He is my purpose for living.  When He got up on that cross He extended an invitation for me to follow.  To turn from my own self-serving, self-gratifying nature, & fix my eyes upon His face for all of my life.  It's FANTASTIC (a little Nacho Libre in there...sorry about that, I couldn't stop myself).  Back to it---tomorrow morning marks a moment in the year where the believer's heart can settle on one thought, the resurrection.  How sweet to know that "it is finished" and I don't have to work, just believe.  

If you are a believer or not, know this; He paid it all on that cross.  Stop laboring. Stop trying to produce  your right standing with God. Stop trying to save yourself.


For it is by GRACE you have been saved, through faith--and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.  Ephesians 2:9

So if you are worried about some silly old dress, don't. It doesn't matter tomorrow morning.  

All that matters is how your heart responds to Christ.  How will you respond?  It is a gift from God.  Take it. 


Jessica said...
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Ashley Weis said...

Beautiful! So glad you don't have a new easter dress! :)

Jessica said...

I am glad I read this today, I went without a dress too and needed to re-focus this morning, I was a little bummed. An outfit is so insignificant when you think about the power of the resurrection.

The bathseat is from Target online. I couldn't find any but the seat that goes over the side of the tub in store.

steffany said...

Sweet, sweet post.
Thank you Leah.

Sarah Simmons said...

Hey Leah! Thanks for your sweet comment about Kendi. It's the only name we ever agreed on, so it's a good thing she's a girl! (:

Beth said...

Beautiful post and you always look beautiful, new dress or old.

Brianna said...

the song was by charlie hall and it is on itunes.

somebody said...