Monday, March 9, 2009

No slowing it down

The last 6 months of life has truly been like a completely different life for us. Becoming parents is a big adjustment, bigger than graduating and entering the real world or getting married even.  Every step of the journey has been beautiful and amazing. God's hand is all over our life. We see Him moving in the big events as well as day to day life. He continues to amaze me with His sovereignty and love.

Annerson turned 6 months end of February.  I wasn't really sure when that was exactly since she was born on the 31st and Feb. had 28 days. So I just say "end of Feb."!  I can't believe she's already half way to her 1 year birthday, but then again I can.  Over and over again I hear how fast it all goes by, how she'll be in kinder before we know it, etc. etc.  Instead of dwelling on this I'm embracing it.  Of course she's going to grow.   We're trying hard to really savor every milestone, every first, every new emotion we experience as parents, but also savor the sweetness of getting to watch her grow & change.  She has changed & developed so much from the first day we brought her home from the hospital.  

Look at that hair!  It was really dark and thick with gold highlights for the 1st 6 weeks or so.  Then it started thinning out and lightening up.  Now it's getting thicker again, but it's really 
light and almost strawberry blonde.  I want her dark hair to come back, but I'm not going to freak out if it doesn't.  I'll just dye it.  j/k

She had a great 6 month checkup last week.  Her immunizations are going great & she's growing & developing. 

Here are some of her favorite things to do now.
Suck on her toes
Laugh at silly faces & noises
pose for the camera
be held by mommy & daddy
Eat rice cereal
NOT eat green peas (she tried them today)
Sleep an average of 10 hours at night
Take 3 naps a day
be outside
rub her eyes when she's sleepy
SMILE all the time
grab toys, hair & all things in sight
roll over both ways

She's such a sweet spirited baby.  She's happy most of the time unless she's in the car.  Usually she isn't a fan of her car seat, but she's getting more used to it and crying less while riding around.    

Started out propped up 

then she fell 

She didn't seem to mind so I took like 10 more pics 
while she just leaned on the pillow and looked cute!

We were given a gift certificate for a baby massage class with Betty Sullivan.  Betty came to our house 5 weeks in a row and taught us how to do infant massage.  Annerson loves it! Infant massage is really good for babies' circulation, bonding, bowel movements, etc.  Not to mention that Betty was nothing short of amazing. Annerson wants her to be her adopted grandmother.  She is really sweet.  

Annerson with Betty and baby Jen. 
If you are interested the classes are only $45 total!  The best part is that she comes to your home and works with your schedule each week to find a 1 hour window for the appointment.  It's so easy and fun.  It's definitely worth it.  I highly recommend it for infants of all ages-newborns or older. 

Yummy toes

Can't get enough enough of that.  Thanks.



Diana said...

Annerson is too cute! I love all the new pictures!

steffany said...

So sweet!
She looks great.
Maybe put the peas on her toes since she likes them so much:) JK.
Can't wait to see you all.

ashley said...

I love the pics! what a sweetheart!

Lori said...

Happy 6 months Annerson! I hope to see you soon.

lauram said...

She has grown so much! I especially enjoyed your list of Anner's favortes.

The Henry's said...
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The McDons said...

It was so good to see you guys the other day! It was only like 10 minutes but I'm so glad you stopped by! :)

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