Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Big Joys Come in Small Packages

Annerson had a busy day.  She is SUCH a joy.

sitting on her own

not falling over!

so proud of herself

tasted sweet potatoes for the 1st time

looked like a boy in public 
thanks Dad


Lori said...

i knew she'd be sitting soon. yea annerson!

The McDons said...

Do you really feed your child sweet peas for breakfast? Come on Lea! :) Just kidding! I love how she is so happy for herself, sitting up and all! So cute!

Tara Mahan said...

I leave for a week and when I come back she's sitting on her own? I think I just decided that moving to Houston is not an option! (Don't get too excited- I'm just kidding.)

Leah Dooley said...

I meant to say sweet potatoes. I fixed it. She actually has been eating them at lunch.

Brie said...

How wonderful! She is a joy for sure!

riddlefamily said...

YEah! Sitting up brings with it so many fun activities (although I'm not wishing for Rynn to get to each new stage like I did with Reece, I do look forward to her sitting up...I mean, you can just put them down anywhere at that point!)
What a sweet girl you have!!!

somebody said...