Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spoon in my mouth

Annerson ate cereal for the 1st time on Wednesday!  It went so well.  She didn't know what think. The entire time she had this "Are you guys sure about this?" look on her face.  It was awesome. 

I ended up buying Earth's Best rice cereal.  I fed her shortly after her 2nd feeding.  I think the best part was seeing her sit in her highchair for the 1st time.  She looked so tiny.

She kept sucking on the tray!

Telling Daddy all about the yummy cereal!

Daddy tasting the yummy cereal

Olly felt really left out.  He was in the kitchen pouting.  

Annerson wanted to include Olly in her fun, but he wouldn't have it.

Thank you everyone who posted comments full of WOWs (words of wisdom).  I really appreciate it.  It's just nice to learn from each other !


Amy said...

Way to go! So glad that it went so well. You are an awesome Mommy! It won't be long before she is eating fruits and veggies too. Love the high chair by the way!

Mandy said...

I think she approves of the cereal! Cute video and pictures! I can't believe Lex is eating the Oh wait I can't say anything I tried Gerber bananas this morning because they smelled so good.

Lori said...

She did awesome! I hope she only gets better and doesn't backtrack. You did really well, too Mommy.

steffany said...

Oh my gosh!!!!
She is soooo cute. I miss her!

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely adorable! I loved watching that video. She was ready! Grabbing the spoon and everything!

Anonymous said...