Friday, February 13, 2009


I just spent over an hour reading blogs! I looked up at the clock and before I knew it an hour had passed.  Really?  

How much time will I spend reading God's Word today? No offense people, but it's a lot more interesting, applicable & good for my soul than Blogland.  

So if you are checking all your fav blog updates right now and you haven't spent time with the Lord today, just you and Him that is, stop reading blogs & go do it!  You do have time if you are reading this blog right now.  Come on...He's waiting!!!  


JennHolmes said...

I was thinking about that very same thing today Leah. I also enjoyed reading your last comment on my blog. It's always nice to be reassured. I'm excited about the wedding but more importantly I'm excited about spending the rest of my life with Brandon. I feel very blessed to have found him and can't wait to see what God has planned for our lives as a married couple. Thanks for the encouragement.

Melissa said...

amen, woman.

Tara Mahan said...

Leah... Holy Spirit... pretty close, right? Haha... I love you! I'm calling you RIGHT NOW because I have a STORY for you!

Anonymous said...