Thursday, February 19, 2009

MOOving On

Sorry for the delay in Mama's update.  My sister Alexis stayed with us all of last week. We had a great time with her.  She's doing really really well now.  

Anyways, I'm sure you were all on the edge of your seats in anticipation.  WILL SHE PULL THROUGH OR NOT???

She actually died last Saturday night after my last post.  Since it was the weekend, she had to lay there all day Sunday and half of Monday.  Finally, a large...I mean LARGE...truck pulled up next to the cow pin where she was.  My curious mind compelled me to go outside and watch.  What was I thinking?  I mean, it couldn't be pretty.  I guess I hoped for some type of sweet final departure.  

The guy, we'll call him Phillip, got out of the truck.  

ME: Hello.  You have a dirty job, huh?
PHILILP: (grins): It has it perks!
ME: Uh...was that a joke or are you just a creeper? Maybe it does take a creeper perp to do what you are about to do day after day  (Ok ok, so I thought this. I would never say that).  Then again, maybe he's just trying to provide for his family and he's just thankful for a paycheck. Maybe that's what he meant by "perks".  I don't know. 
ME outloud this time: So do you need help? (volunteering Lex to help move the dead 14,000 pound cow, here I go again with my dumb questions)
PHILLIP: No, I can do it.  
ME: You can lift her all by yourself?!
PHILLIP: Oh, I don't have to lift her.

Then he opens the back of the truck and much to my shock and disbelief I see a mound of dead horses and cows.  We're talking like at least 20.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  So much for a sweet departure, right?

Then Phillip puts a chain around Mama's neck and flips the switch.  She gets dragged up a ramp where she is united with the other poor little deadies.  

Bye bye Mama.  

Then Allen comes out (cow owner) and he and Phillip discuss putting the service on a credit card.  How can you think of money at a time like this?  I was still in major shock from what I just witnessed.

The next day the other 4 cows are back in the big pen where Mama cow was.  I think they were wondering what happened to her though.  And I know poor little baby cow was wanting its mother.