Friday, February 13, 2009


I have another cow story.  But this one is really sad.  

I have decided that I like the moos that live 20 feet away from our house.  Here's why:

Today I was minding my own business when my mother-in-law called me to tell me that Allen (crazy neighbor) was in the cow pen with "the big cow".  Yes, we have made up names for the cows.  Apparently "the big cow" wasn't moving much & Allen was bent down with her.

Out of pure optimism, we assume that she is in labor.  Awwww...a new little calf.  She had one not too long ago so why not another one? 

So I go over to take pictures...because STEFFANY got onto me for never documenting my cow I run over there to get the perfect before baby and after baby shot.  Um...she doesn't look so good.  Her tummy was really big though.  Hmm.  Why do her eyes look like that?  Weird.  She's breathing!  Ok, this is all natural.  Part of the labor process.

Why not? Looks like a cow in labor.

Poor Mama, she doesn't look so good.

Up close...definitely not looking good.

So then I come back in the house (Marcie is now at the house entertaining Anners while I am playing photo journalist) and google "What does a cow in labor look like?".  Meanwhile, Marcie calls her friend who owns cows to consult with her.  In conclusion, we decide to go back over and look at her "utter area" if you will to see if it is swollen.  It wasn't.

Later on...I go over there with Mikah to see how she is doing.  Allen comes out.  
As he's walking over he's saying, "Is she dead?  Is she dead?"  
Me: "NO! NO! Is she ok?  What's wrong?"
Allen: "She's not gonna make it."  

He kneels down beside her and starts stroking her face.  I mean, he's like really shook up.  His eyes get read and wipes a tear.  He said the vet came out and gave her some sugar water.  She ate her "high end" alfalfa he bought her.  They hoped she'd regain her strength but she never did.  The vet determined that she was old and the newest calf had literally sucked all the life out of her by nursing so long.  

So now we wait for poor Mama (that's her real name) to die.  I feel so sad.  I went from super excited about new life to super sad about no life.  Have you ever watched an animal suffer?  It was awful. 

I asked Allen if she needed a blanket.  What the crap kind of question is that?!!  
"Uh, your cow is really suffering and won't make it through the you think she wants a blanket?"  I didn't know what to say!  How do you comfort a dying cows' owner?  I just felt so bad for her.  She looked so miserable.

He also told me that she weighed 1,400 pounds so they were going to have to come haul her off once she died because he wouldn't be able to do it himself.  Should I have offered Lex's help?  I don't know!!!   

So moral of the story your cow neighbors.  Treat them well.  Let them roam around your yard.  Because you never know when it'll be the last time they do.  
The last time they moo.