Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Are you part of a healthy church?

I just listened to Matt Chandler's sermon titled "Members" twice.  It's good.  

A few of the many things I took away from this sermon: 

Healthy places take holiness seriously. 

A healthy church is a church filled with men & women who genuinely love one another and genuinely love participating with one another in Biblical community...doing life together. 

A healthy church is a church that's filled with men and women who at the end of the day see Scripture as the final authority on all things. 

A healthy church is an open-handed community....what's the opposite...a catering to capitalism:  
The church exists to give ME a pleasant experience.  
So I want it to be easy to get into.  
I want to walk in to a latte. BAM! Thank you!  Mocha, pop, shot of it in there!
I want to sit down on a chair that vibrates.  
I want the music to be poppy.  
I would like some fog and a laser to draw  a picture of a cross while you sing and I listen comfortably from my chair.
Then I'd like a message anywhere from 20-22 minutes.
Don't make me feel uncomfortable about my life.  Make me feel good.  IN FACT, LET'S NOT EVEN TALK ABOUT JESUS!  Let's just reference something that we all have issue with.  So let's talk about the fact that we're in a recession and we need to walk together and encourage one another through that recession.  BUT DON'T TALK ABOUT SIN. DON'T TALK ABOUT THE CROSS. DON'T TALK ABOUT ANYTHING WHERE I MIGHT ACTUALLY HAVE TO REPENT AND CONFESS AND DO BUSINESS WITH THE DEEP LEVELS OF MY HEART.

AND THEN dismiss in a timely matter.  Get me out to my car and get me home.  After you retina scan me and launch my kid down the slide.  I'd like my children to have face paint on, a new t-shirt and for Sponge Bob Square Pants to have actually taught my kids how not to lie to me and to obey me.  

Listen to sermon here!!!!