Sunday, January 4, 2009

It Could Happen

About once a week, maybe less, I will put Annerson in bed with us in the morning when she wakes up.  We all fall back asleep for another hour or so.  We never regularly co-sleep with Annerson because neither one of us feel like it's safe.  But I have been getting lax the past 2 months with an occasional bunking party in the big bed.  

Not anymore.  They had a 6 month old come into the ER dead yesterday from co-sleeping.  The mom was devastated.  I don't know if she smothered the baby or if the blankets did, but can you imagine?  To wake up and find your baby unresponsive, no pulse, dead from suffocation.  That is the saddest thing in the world.  Poor helpless child.  Poor mom & dad who will probably never forgive themselves. 

I was surprised that the baby was 6 months.  You always imagine that it happens to super small newborns.  Guess it could happen to any baby.  It's just not worth the risk.

Lord, please be with the mother of this child right now.  Comfort her as her heart breaks.  I pray for forgiveness to fall on the sweet baby's parents so that they may forgive themselves for this horrible accident.  I pray you would be with them as they grieve and search for answers.  Amen. 


Amy said...

How awful! Sage is six months now, and that does surprise me that that could happen to an older baby like that! We too occasionally sleep with her in the bed, but yikes, how sad and scary!

Ashley Weis said...

Seriously, a nightmare. The only time I co-sleep is in the newborn stages and they sleep on my chest. And then in the later stages in the early hours of the morning when they get up just before getting up for good. I'm pretty much awake at that point anyway. Scary though! Ugh.... I have nightmares about that stuff. Probably why I don't sleep well no matter what. I still fear my 21 month old suffocating!


austinwparadigm said...

Moral of the story...Annerson, you're sleepin' in your own bed from now on.

somebody said...