Saturday, January 31, 2009

I just need a little advice

Ok moms.  Annerson is about to start solids.  She turns 5 months on Sunday.  I need help deciding what type of rice cereal to start her on & all that fun stuff.


What type of cereal should we use?
What amount?  1 tablespoon 2x a day?
What times? 
What changes should I expect as I continue to BF?
Can I use any formula to mix with it?

I'm just wondering all the ins and outs.  I know a lot of moms read this blog so I'm hoping to gain trusted insight through you!

We are probably going to start on Tuesday so if you can make me a solid food expert by then that would be great!



Lori said...

You should use any brand of Rice cereal (we use Beechnut and Gerber).

When you first start, you mix 1 TBS of cereal with 4 TBS of breastmilk (or formula). It will be really, really soupy and thin and messy. Use a spoon-- not a bottle. And don't expect her to eat it all; she might, but Abby never did in the beginning.

For the first week, only do it once a day. If she's doing okay with that, then, the next week, do it twice a day. And gradually add less milk, so that the consistency becomes thicker. In the beginning, it was really frustrating; Abby didn't take to it so well.

Babywise recommends giving cereal right after nursing. You can experiment: see if she likes it before nursing or nurse, cereal, nurse again. But the point is to have the cereal part of the meal-- not as a snack.

You'll notice changes in her poops. She might get constipated; the poops will start to get solid and once you do solid foods, the poops will stink!

Here are some links that helped me in the beginning:

Also, here's a video of us giving Abby cereal for the first time:

steffany said...

You know how I feel! Make sure it's organic.
I liked Earth's Best

The Henry's said...

I used both beechnut and gerber as well, but the whole grains... Start off with just plain rice cereal, nothing with mixed grains or anything. Joshua did real well with his first time. I agree...1tbs to 4tbs...grab one of those waterproof bibs, and use a spoon! You wont her to associate eating "big girl" food with a spoon. Just take it bite by bite. I gradually worked myself up to two, than three times.. .but I started off feeding him at lunch, when I ate my lunch. Yet again associating it with meal-time and eating at the table.

I followed Babywise as well as babycenter about how to introduce rice cereal.

Be sure to have the camera ready! Annerson will probably make the cutest faces!!

**Just hang in there, I promise, you are her mom, you will know what to do and when to do it... Just follow your pediatrician, and your gut! You know her better than anyone!**

The McDons said...

So...I'm not a mom...but...I have seen some put a little bit of baby food in to help with the taste of the cereal. It worked for my niece! Hope you're doing great! Can't believe she's 5 months!

Mandy said...

Here is what we did for the most part:

gerber organic brown rice

mixed it with formula or breast milk-he liked it better with the breast milk

I usual never measured-maybe 1 to 2 ounces of liquid and then mixed in the cereal to the consistency that I wanted

I started doing about one solid food feeding a day or whenever convenient for me but now it is usually:

1. bottle

2. solids and smaller bottle

3. bottle

4. solids and smaller bottle

5. bottle

And now we are doing veggies with a little rice cereal mixed in to make it thicker.

Ashley Weis said...

I'm with Lori and Steffany when it comes to rice cereal, although I don't even use the cereal. I did with Evie, and she liked it okay, but it makes little Georgie really gassy and it upsets his stomach and he stopped sleeping as well when we gave him cereal, so he just eats fruits and veggies.

I started him on the cereal w/ breast milk, but then it frustrated his sleep, so I read about it and saw that it can cause gassiness/constipation, which it DID with him. So, we just gave him fruits and veggies and we make them from home with a puree/blender contraption! Then I just put it in jars, freeze them, and feed him about one a day for lunch.

He'll be six months soon and I'm going to up him to twice a day in the next week. :)

Definitely go with organic though, brown rice, if you are going to do the cereal thing.

Leah Dooley said...

These comments are helping so much! Keep them coming :)

the Gray's said...

I used earth's best organic rice cereal. I agree with what everyone said, make it pretty liquidy at first, you can add as much of whatever liquid to make the consistency right and Gavin liked his warmed up a bit. Use a soft tip spoon so it doesn't hurt her gums. With Gavin I started out just doing solids once a day, I did it about an hour after his late morning feeding, so I nursed him at 11 and he ate at 12. A few weeks later I added another feeding around dinner time. Gavin slept better at night and naptime after he started solids.

Laura said...

Girl, you crack me up. You are the best momma all by yourself! Neither of my little ones went for rice cereal. Alexandra never. David had a natural cereal of bananas and oats (Earths Best???)...I remember trying plain oats first. He moved quickly to carrots, apples, and every other fruit and vegetable. It is amazing how much I have to coerce him to eat F & V now...I also used formula to make my cereals to give him extra calories. He needed help gaining weight.

I cannot believe she is already 5 months old!

I also gave him the solids before I nursed, during the day only. I nursed him then again at night without solids before. Alexandra NEVER did any baby food. She nursed like nobody's business and went right to table food. She is the better eater of the two...go figure!

Trust your instincts and know that God has prepared you. Hugs!

Dana said...

Here is what we did, but know that your 'mommy instinct' will kick in and tell you what is right or not right.
We started with Gerber organic (we have now moved on to other brands and flavors) but in the beginning Gerber worked well. My friend told me that it would be really runny. I didn't believe her at first, and made it too thick. Once I thinned it out, Zach ate it much better. He sat in is boppy to eat at first and I think this really helped as well. I mixed with breat milk and the slowly (after a month) switched to formula and juice and now fruit.
We started feeding him in the evening between his last bottle and next to last bottle. He was sleeping through the night at this point and the cereal just helped him to sleep later. Some people/books say not to do it this way, but like I said, do waht works.

Candace said...

You are so cute! I am not one to follow books. I never did that soupy stuff with the formula. I mixed it with formula and/or breast milk until it was a perfect consistency...not too thick and not liquid. Devon pulled all the funny faces and Camryn ate like a champion. Also, the book Super Baby foods is good for fruits and veg. I made my own food here and there. If I was making carrots or squash or any veg for the fam, I used a small food processor to blend it for Camryn. She loved it and I knew exactly what I was feeding her. Everyone says to do veggies before fruits...I mixed it up from the beginning. Like I said, I am not one to follow directions and I think my kids turned out ok!

STOP reading so much! You are a GREAT mom and will do just fine figuring out what Miss Annerson prefers!

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