Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas is all about family

I'm way over due on this Christmas post.  I  had a really hard time getting these pictures to load for some reason.  In the process, however, I did discover that you can download more than one picture at a time...didn't know that trick.  The pictures wouldn't download if I did them one at a time but would if I did them in sets.  Just a side note for you fellow bloggers.  Always learning! 

All that to say that we had a wonderful first Christmas with Annerson.  We flew to Missouri on Christmas day.  Annerson did so good on the plane and in the car.  She slept mostly.  

The best part about this Christmas was that my family in Missouri got to meet Annerson.  My sister-in-law Steffany came when Anners was born, but no one else had met her on my side of the family.  

Flying to St. Louis Christmas morning

Meeting the pilot-I think they were both nervous

She loved our stewardesses...and they loved her!

She slept most of the flight.  We left the house that morning at 6:15!

Still catching up on sleep

Why wake up now?  We've got a 3 hours drive ahead of us.

 We got to Poplar Bluff (where I lived until I was 10 & my grandfather & mother now live) right in time for Christmas dinner at Uncle Jerry & Aunt Sarah's.   I don't know why I didn't get a picture of them with Annerson.  Here are the pictures of everyone else  Annerson got to meet.

My mom told me that getting to meet Annerson was her motivation when rehab got hard.  She'd tell herself, "one more day closer to meeting Annerson Grace." 

Great-grandfather Papa

a sweet reunion with Aunt Steffany

Aunt Stef & Uncle Adam

Uncle Adam

cousins Diezel & Xia

2nd cousins Becky & Erik

cousin McKayley & Daddy!

2nd cousin Michael James

Great Uncle Kelley

Great Aunt Phyllis

cousin Faith

cousin Lukas
weird look on my face probably due to the fact that this kid 
is super small and he's holding me

Even after 5 days, we weren't ready to leave.  We wish we could have stayed longer.  I'm ready to go back so Anners can spend more time getting to know her family.  We set out for St. Louis at 4:15 in the morning.  Again, she was great on the flights & in the car.  Well...she cried the first 45 minutes, but then she fell asleep :)  Thank you Uncle Kelley & Aunt Phyllis for taking us to the airport in St. Louis.  We miss you guys a ton.  Hello Michael James!!!  Annerson wishes you would come hold her & play with her!

DFW...home stretch