Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Week

Lex and I went non-stop this past week.  Here are a few pics to prove it.

Lex had 3 straight days off from work.  He had some precious daddy daughter time.

Amber stayed with us Tuesday night.  We went to her graduation party in Hale Center Wednesday night. 

We ate Thanksgiving lunch with Lex's family at Ron & Martha's.  
Uh Lex, what are you doing?

Sweet Annerson

When Annerson is tired she moves her head back and forth really fast and likes to suck on your shirt.

Thursday night Gramey Barb drove in from Austin to spend some time with us.  She left Saturday morning.  Barb is Alexis & Mason's mom.  Is was so good to see her!!

We froze our daughter at the Tech v. Baylor game on Saturday.  Oh come on!  It was cold, but we had tickets and really wanted Anner to go to her first Tech game.  We only stayed for like 1.5 hours.  Yeah she cried the whole time...but it was probably because we were losing the whole game...ok, maybe because it was really really cold and really really loud.  Same dif. 

The three of us...Annerson is staying toasty under the blanket.

Went to a Dallas family birthday Saturday night.  ALWAYS so much fun, creative & full of sweet memories.

Happy 1st Birthday Abby!  
You are the happiest baby in the world!

Again...uh, Lex what are you doing?

Did I mention that Lex's best friend Graham stayed at our house Friday through Wednesday?  I don't know how I ended up with no pics of him.  Very sad.  We miss Graham already.

Things are settling back down now.  We got to take communion at church yesterday.  Lex went back to work today.  I had lunch with my friend Annalisa.  And now I am catching up on blogging.  My only goal this week is to get the house decorated and some pictures organized. 

P.S.  Quite possibly the most exciting thing I did this Thanksgiving week was LISTENED TO CHRISTMAS MUSIC!  I always start celebrating Christmas on Thanksgiving Day.  I feel like Kevin on Home Alone when he realizes his family is gone and runs through the house screaming with excitement. 
You know the scene, "I made my family disappear! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!"  
I'm pretty sure I did that on Thursday when I busted out the Christmas music, Noel Bean lotion & watched Elf.  Gotta love those quarky traditions.


apesdina said...

You better watch White Christmas while wrapping presents like we did last year.....Annerson is getting so big...I'm really sad I never got to see her that weekend. I promise to try again soon:) Miss you guys!

Candace said...

She has got to be THE best dressed baby in Texas! So cute Leah! Where did you get those bows?

The McDons said...

Awe! We froze at the Tech game too! She is so cute!

Anonymous said...