Monday, December 1, 2008

Anniversary Part II

Continuing our anniversary celebration....Lex and I went to see the movie Fireproof on Thursday night.  The movie is amazing.  Go see it.  Praise God that I sat in a movie theater and watched the gospel be preached and proclaimed on the big screen.  No fluff.  No "are they alluding to Jesus?".  No question that Christ was being proclaimed as the only way to be right with God.  It was amazing.  Not to mention the incredible story line of the Biblical depiction of marriage and what God intended it to be.   The whole movie just rocked.  

Annerson stayed at Mimi & Potsy's house while we went to the movie.  My mother-in-law is hilarious.  She got dressed for the event.

So the "What happens at Mimi's house stays at Mimi's house" shirt is supposed to make me feel more comfortable about leaving Anner's with you and calm my extreme anxiety!?  Just kidding Mimi.  You did great!

Then on Friday afternoon we had a couple's massage at The Woodhouse.  Ah.  It was nice.  Annerson went to Mimi & Potsy's again. 

Then for the grand finale...we stayed the night at the Embassy Suites in the same room we stayed in on our wedding night.  Annerson DID NOT stay at Mimi & Potsy's.  She came with us.  No way were we going to leave her overnight.  3 hours maybe, but not overnight.  

Lex on our wedding night.  ROOM #111

3 years later
same room
sweet new daughter

3 years earlier...Gary Hays drove us away from FBC in a sweet beamer, drove us to the hotel, and brought our luggage to our room.  He was a good chauffeur.  

We couldn't stop laughing when we saw Gary's wife Melissa Friday night when we got to the hotel.  Their daughter Hannah was having a birthday party there.  I thought it was crazy that last time we were there Gary was with us and now Melissa was with us! 
What do you know....Gary showed up Saturday morning to eat breakfast. 
He forgot to bring the beamer this time. And he didn't offer to cary our luggage. Priceless.

P.S.  We were planning on swimming at the hotel.  Beth even loaned us a swimsuit for Annerson to use and we were so excited about Annerson getting to swim for the first time.  However, due to the fact that there were at least 20 little girls in the pool at any given time (there were 3 birthday parties going on) we opted to not to.  Thanks anyway Beth!

Our anniversary was celebrated very differently this year.  The past two years we have taken a trip to Dallas, stayed at the Omni Mandalay Hotel in Las Colinas, frequented the spa at the hotel, and shopped at the Galleria.  This year we couldn't do all that because we have now have Annerson.  Even though our celebration was a little less "glamorous" and we had to worry about leaving her with different people, it was still amazing.  I'm so glad that we will never get to celebrate our anniversary as a married couple with no children again!!!!  Wait. Did that make sense?


pen and inklings said...
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Ashley Weis said...

OK, so I'm just glad you didn't leave her overnight yet, because then I was really going to feel bad for not getting out with my hubby! Phew! *Wiping my forehead*

Maybe I'll venture out for a few hours, you know, live a little. Ugh. Hate that I'm nuts about this stuff.

Candace said...

AWWW!! Love the pics! Happy 3 years together guys!

Brie said...

How wonderful! It all looks great and fun!:)

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