Monday, November 24, 2008

Lex's patient Reagan

Lex wanted me to post about a very special little patient that needs to be lifted up in prayer.  Her name is Reagan and she's 6 years old.  Saturday night she went to bed in fine health.  Sunday morning she woke up with a tumor protruding from her kidney the size of 3 softballs.  Lex took care of her Sunday afternoon while they prepared to have emergency surgery.  She had her left kidney removed and is about to start chemotherapy.  

Lex wants us to pray for her and her parents.  They are still at Covenant.  If you want to leave encouraging comments and prayers Lex will print them and take them to the family.  This has all happened so quickly.  They are Christians and need to know that there are believers out there praying for their little Reagan.

Thanks and God bless.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

3 Year Anniversary

Lex and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary yesterday.  We had our first date night since Annerson was born.  It was so weird being away from her, but we had a super fun dinner date at Abuelo's!  

Thanks Jordan and Jessica for our awesome gift card that paid for our meal!

Thanks BETH for being super amazing and watching Annerson along with your 3 children.  I never once worried about Annerson.  She is in such good hands when she's with you.  Thank you for serving us and allowing us to have a date!

I was secretly wanting flowers and I guess Lex found out because he brought me a beautiful bouquet of stargazer lilies and pink roses. They are the flowers we used in our wedding ceremony.  Thanks amazing husband!  I love every minute of life with you.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wake up sleepy!

I always miss Annerson when she's asleep.  Sounds ridiculous for a mom to say who gets an average of 5 consecutive hours of sleep a night.  Still, when it's time to wake my baby girl up I get excited and I can't wait to pick her up and squeeze her tiny little body.  

Early this morning I was enjoying a sweet moment with Annerson.  I was excited that she had woke up after 7 hours and wanted to eat.  As I sat there feeding her I heard God speak.  He reminded  me that my excitement for her to wake up so I can spend time with her is a faint shadow of how he feels toward me when I wake up. 

"Really?  You desire to spend time with me like I desire to spend time with Anners? You can't wait for me to wake up and give you attention?  A smile?  A hug? "

"Yes. I can't wait."

So I sat there and prayed for 45 minutes.  Spending sweet time with God. He was excited that I had woke up.   

Saturday, November 1, 2008


39-33 #7 TEXAS TECH beats #1 texas

That's my Lubbock Red Raiders baby!  

Get your GUNS UP people
Thanks for the video Austin