Friday, October 31, 2008

My brave dedicated Coco Annerson Pink Leopard

#1 She's Annerson Grace
I think we get asked about once a day how we came up with Annerson's 
name. The story is kinda ridiculous actually. But here it is in case you don't already know.
Annerson's name is super special. A while back (like when Lex & I first got married) we were watching the movie Minority Report with Tom Cruise. Tom's character's name is John Anderton but we of course thought they were saying "Annerson" We just thought it was a clever deviation from the last name Anderson. We decided it'd also be a pretty first name for a girl. We said right then and there that we'd name our first girl Annerson. We never changed our minds & knew when we got pregnant that if it was a girl she would be our little Annerson. After we found out she was a girl I watched the movie again and realized that Annerson wasn't Tom's name after all! WHOOPS! But, we loved it and knew it was supposed to be her name.  
The best part about her name is that when we looked up "Annerson" to see if it was a real name we discovered it wasn't...but we also discovered that Anne means "grace" and Son means "mountain" At this point we had already decided that her middle name was going to be Grace because that is the lesson we learn over and over again from our sweet Lord. Knowing that "Annerson" basically meant grace mountain and that her middle name was Grace only reinforced our decision to name her Annerson. Her name literally is a mountain of grace and it couldn't be more perfect for her!

So thank you Tom Cruise 
for helping us name our daughter. And thank you Lord for using Tom 
Cruise to tell us what our daughter's name would be!

#2 Coco is her name and she's a pink leopard

Can we say Cuuuuuuuuteness!

Annerson is the cutest pink leopard I've ever seen. Well, she's the only pink leopard I've ever seen. I absolutely love her outfit. Thanks Mimi!! I joked with Lex this morning about pink leopard sounding like a scandalous stripper costume. So her pink leopard name is Coco. Of course, we are just kidding and would never want her to be a stripper!

My favorite part about her outfit are the paws! Raaaarrr!

#C She's brave

Anners had her 2 month checkup today at Dr. Stripling's office. She did so good. She cried through her 3 shots, but it was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be for me. I didn't watch, but held her hand and listened to her scream. Lex & I both teared up. Her crying turned to a "I'm worn out from all this!" whimper as soon as we picked her up.  

As soon as we got to the car she fell asleep and slept hard for the next 4 hours.

She weighs a little under 10 1/2 pounds (50th percentile), she's 22.75 in. long (60th percentile), & her head is now 38.5 cm round (45th percentile). Gotta love those percentiles so you can measure your kid up against everyone else!

#D She's Dedicated

Last Sunday we dedicated Annerson to the Lord. Basically what that means is that we commit to raising Annerson in a home where she will learn about God's love, His redemptive purposes and the Scriptures so that one day she will make the decision on her own to walk with Christ Jesus. I had been praying that she wouldn't cry during the dedication because we have to get up in front of the whole church during the service. Not only did she not cry, but she slept the entire time. It was awesome. The Dallas fam dedicated Abby and the Garzas dedicated Zach. Getting to share that moment with Beth & Dana was very special for me. Lex and I both cried, of course. We desire for Annerson to know God's grace & mercy. I can't wait for the day when she realizes what a beautiful Savior we have.

Right before she was dedicated. She was very excited!

She loves attention!

Annerson in her beautiful princess dress


Dana said...

You guys bless our lives so and have for some time. We were so happy to share our family's life with yours.
What a cute pink leapord. I think Zach's monkey costume is going to be too hot. I hope not. I got it from Tom Arma's costumes. Google it, but with caution. I spent WAY too much.

the Gray's said...

I love that picture of Annerson at the top of your post, she is so pretty! We had fun trick or treating (if you call that trick or treating) with you guys. She was one cute leapord! If she wants to borrow Gavin's rooster costume next year I might let her.

Candace said...

Great post & pictures! You are both such amazing parents! That little bow is as big as her head!!! LOVE your little princess!!

Brie said...

How wonderful. Annerson looks beautiful in all of her pictures! I love her dedication dress and the leopard outfit too!

somebody said...