Friday, August 22, 2008

Cookie dough

Our shower was August 2nd.  It was so fun!  Some of my favorite memories are when April Medina tried to induce labor by surprising me and coming all the way from Dallas to be there, Manon's very special devotional,  and a letter to Annerson from Alexis Landry on the back of the canvas she painted for the nursery. Possibly the all time winner of most amazing shower moment ever was the catering.  The adorable Mr. Robert Fletcher graced us all with his much desired Sheridan's catering cart & even brought me my own special container of cookie dough!  It was AMAZING!
   All to say...I felt the excitement of my friends and family & felt God's presence.  So many people showered me, Lex & Annerson with love and gifts. What more could I have asked for? Thank you hostesses-Amber Hickman, Manon Langford, Jessica Gray, Laura Moon, Melissa Williams, Beth Dallas, Robin West, Martha Haley, Diane Davis & Pam Brown-you did an amazing job!  I hope Annerson will know how special this day was for me when she gets older.


My best friend :)