Friday, June 13, 2008


Many of you know that Lex is applying to med school.  He's taking classes at Tech, working full-time & reviewing for the MCAT.  He's done such an amazing job at balancing all of it.  It's been a blessing to watch his discipline for studying develop and grow so much since when he was in nursing school.  

So today is the big day.  He takes his MCAT at 1:30 and we're submitting his application this morning.  When I asked him yesterday if he was nervous at all he replied, "No.  I hadn't really thought about it much today."  That pretty much defines Lex.  He doesn't get worked up about much.  He doesn't stress really, except if I rush him or he's running late.   God is his rock.  Lex truly walks in Proverbs in the Lord with all your heart.  He does trust in God and lets God be God.  It's amazing to be his wife because I get a constant reminder of that.  If you feel inclined, please pray for clarity of mind during the 5-6 hour test.  Pray that he'll focus on his test questions and not let anything distract him. 

God be with you during your test Lex!  I know He already is and you'll do great.    Thanks for being a wonderful God fearing man of strength.  


Candace said...

How'd it go? I hope you have a fab week together and get lots of relaxing in!

Jennifer-Colley said...

Hey tomorrow ( saturday ) at 10am. Some girls are meeting at my house for hangout/bible study. I dont have your phone number to call you, but would love for you to come. Email me at and I will tell you more about it and give you my address. Talk to you soon!

Eileen said...

Lex, I just randomly thought of you from Germany - and I just so happened to remember the web address you gave me for your wife and your little ones' blog - and to read this kind of put tears in my eyes. I hope/know you did amazingly. If anyone deserved to go to medical school, it would be you. Your wife's description of you is dead on - your faith lives through you, and it's evident to everyone you encounter... including me. I'm just really glad that we had the chance to have classes together... you're the biggest breath of fresh air I've ever experienced in a stuffy organic chemistry lab.

Hope all is well,

Carolyn said...

What's the MCAT update?!?!?!

Love your latest pregnant "glowing" photo. Hard to believe that Annerson Grace will be arriving in just a couple of months. Quite anxious to meet her.