Friday, April 4, 2008

Please Pray

The twins are home from Ethiopia!!!

They arrived with Adam & Steffany Monday night.  I left Missouri Wednesday morning.  I praise God for the 2 days I had to spend with the babies.  It's amazing what they do to your heart.  I look at them and God whispers, "These are my children".

They took the twins to the doctor Tuesday and had them checked out.  Their weight had increased to 16 (Diezel) and 13 (Daizy) lbs.  He told them to come back Thursday for some more tests, etc. 

I just got a call from Stef.  She has taken the babies to the hospital.  Diezel has taken a step back in his weight gain and has actually lost weight in 2 days.  He's having constant bowl movements that aren't allowing him to keep anything down. So they are admitting both of them.  I just hope they will find out what they need to get better soon. 

All I can say is that we need to pray.  These babies are so precious to the Lord.  They are in His hands now and always.


Stepping Out of the Boat said...

OH WOW...what wonderful pictures!!!! Yay, Leah!

I'm totally praying for them while they are at the hospital!

stephanie said...

they are lifted up in the Lords hands right now... praying hard!!! love the pictures too- post more if you have them!

The Cherry's said...

Hey Leah! I've enjoyed reading about your new niece and nephew. I'll be praying for them and their health! I'm so glad they are home. Miss You!