Thursday, April 3, 2008

My amazing nieces and nephews

I just got back from Missouri last night. I had an incredible time with my Jace, McKayley, Faith & Lukas. I adore those children and love doing life with them. The week was long and I am completely wiped out from juggling 4 children...not to mention 1 in my I guess it was like 5! I just loaded the pics from my week onto my computer. These are all from before Adam & Stef came home with the twins.

Night out on the town!  Ok, we just went to Chuck E Cheese...but we were there for like a whole night practically....3 hours!!

Faith & Lukas looking adorable!

McKayley looking gorgeous upside down

"The boys won't stop chasing me!  SAVE ME!"

"Hey!  What else am I supposed to do besides entertain myself on the live video screen?  I'm out of tokens!"

"Please don't tell my dad or Jace that I rode this pink horse.  It's just so pretty."

Lukas playing with his new Super Hero skate park

Do you notice how Faith is holding Jumpy's neck?  She was forcing Jumpy to watch the video we made of Olly's bath. Jumpy and Olly need to seriously hook it up.  

Mask painting contest results

Faith's: most colorful
Lukas's: most creative
Jace's: most changed from original form
McKayley's: most beautiful

I'm going to bed.  This post is to be continued laters.


Fantastic Four said...

You are an awesome auntie! Those pictures are great! Can't wait to see YOU someday!

Stepping Out of the Boat said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Super Cool, Auntie! I love that you let Lukas ride the pink pony...that is such an auntie priveledge. :)