Friday, April 4, 2008

More pics of the twins

Update:  the twins are both in the hospital and will be there for a while now.  Diezel has pneumonia and they are running tests to find out what else.  He keeps going in and out of consciousness & is completely dehydrated.  Please pray for his body.  Also, pray for Adam & Stef and the kids.  God is sustaining them right now by His grace and love.  

Here are a few more pics I took of them.  Aren't they just precious?

I took this when they first pulled up from their flight.  I felt like the paparazzi. I jumped in the car and started taking pics!

Diezel would not wake up when he got home.  He was out so hard.


Stepping Out of the Boat said...

Good Job being a papparatzo! I love, love seeing their precious pictures. They are just so cute!!

We are continuing to stay in constant pray for them!

Fantastic Four said...

They are so beautiful! Laura and I are trying to work out a schedule so we can go help them. It breaks my heart! Thanks for sharing the great pics! You are so sweet!

Lyndsay said...

Those babies are so precious...
thanks for posting. Lots of prayers are coming from here... I'm glad you had a safe trip there and back.