Saturday, April 5, 2008

I love doctors and nurses

I just realized how thankful I am that Diezel and Daizy are in the hospital.  BECAUSE...if they were in Africa they would probably not be alive for one, and if they were, they would be getting insufficient medical care in a hospital with little technology or supplies.  I am so grateful that they are in a U.S. hospital where they can truly receive care and efficient medical attention by educated doctors and nurses.  It's just something to be grateful for that we take for granted.

Here's the latest:
Diezel is doing better!!!!! He is making progress. Eating food by mouth. Interacting. He hasn't passed out today. Apparently he was passing out all of a sudden.  He'd go really cold and they wouldn't be able to wake him for a while.  But he hasn't done that in a while. They are waiting for bowl test results to come back to see if he has any parasites, etc. Steffany has been sleeping at the hospital. My cousin Laura is on her way w/ her two kids to Missouri Saturday morning. She will help with the kids at home so Steffany & Adam can focus on the babies.  Please pray for her trip and her time there.

God hasn't left us blind in this. There is a way out & He wants us to glorify His name as we walk down that path.

Thanks for the prayers for our family. The Body is so good. 


stephanie said...

i was so blessed to get to spend a lot of time with them today,and they were doing great! Deizel was such a flirt, always smiling, and Daizey was standing up all by herself, and then eventually walking! She was doing so great! love the pictures you got, they are so incredibley precious

Lyndsay said...

You are absolutely right about US hospitals... We take a lot for granted here. Thank you for bringing it to attention.
I am so glad the babies are doing better. You had it right on Stef's blog, "Go God!"

Chris Anna said...

So sweet to hear all the updates. I am praying for your newest additions! God is doing big things, big things indeed! Miss you and Lex!