Monday, March 10, 2008


IT'S OFFICIAL!!! Adam & Steffany passed everything needed in Ethiopian court and these are the pictures of their new babies! They are twins-boy & girl-we aren't 100% which one is the girl and which one is the boy. They'll be 2 years old in May but are developmentally (physically & probably everything else) under 1 year.

Adam & Stef are in the process of finalizing flights for Africa. I'll be taking care of Jace, McKayley, Faith & Lukas while they are gone. I fly to Missouri on the 25th of this month. We are all so excited & praise God for allowing us to be part of the twins' lives.

He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name-Ps. 147:4

The Psalm above is such a simple yet rich verse about God's sovereignty and infinite Lordship! He numbers the stars. He calls them by name! His creation is beautiful but is only a shadow of a form that is greater-the Almighty Lord! He desires to know us like He intimately knows all of His creation. Because of Adam & Stef's obedience to God's calling on their hearts to adopt, the lives of these two twins has forever changed today! He is bringing them out of an orphanage where they have been without proper nutrition & attention to a family that is sacrificing so much of themselves just to give them a Christian home where they will be loved. Adam & Stef aren't doing this for themselves as much as to fulfill the demand to care for God's orphans. God is sovereign over 2 little babies sitting in a dirty crib in Ethiopia waiting...

My heart is filled with so many emotions as I think about what the next few weeks hold. There are so many prayer requests that I want to share with you so that you prayer warriors can get on your knees and lift up this fragile time.

1.) Pray for unity for the Boster family. Changes are hard...Satan can and will try to attack God's will.

2.) Pray for finances. It's over $4000 just to fly to Africa. Adoption expenses are another $10,000 easily. TWINS ARE EXPENSIVE TOO! Pray that God will divinely provide this for the Boster family.

3.) Pray for travel....Adam & Stef to Africa & back, me to Missouri

4.) Pray God's peace over planning...Adam is in L.A. editing his movie. Leaving for such an extended period of time is going to be hard on him. Steffany will leave 4 children in MY HANDS! I am SO honored that she trusts me to take care of them while they are gone. Nonetheless, I'm sure it's still hard to leave your children for such a long time. Especially since they'll practically be out of contact. Also, please pray for my peace. I'm missing a lot of work & I'll be away from Lex a long time. On top of that, I might not get to even see Adam, Stef & the twins because we might miss each other by a few hours with flight times. Their flights haven't been booked yet, so it might work out to where I will get to see them when they get back. It's not about me though and I know it'd be ok if I didn't see them this trip.

5.) PRAY FOR THE TWINS!! They're leaving the only world they've known. They'll have to adjust & adapt to America, a huge family, nutrition, constant love & attention, etc! Lots of changes for their little hearts all at once!

Thank you Lord for this gift. I'm standing in awe of what You are doing and how You work these things out. It really is about the journey. You teach me that more and more each day.

God doesn't want to give us more necessarily, but for us to be faithful and good stewards with what we have. Thank you Lord for reminding me of that right now.

Peace & Grace,


steffany said...

Thank you Leah. I too am completely filled with so many emotions. I love you so much. Thank you for praying us through this and your never ending encouragement.

Laura said...

Thank you Leah for reminding us of what is important for the Boster Clan and their upcoming journey. You are such a wonderful aunt and I know that Jace, McKayley, Faith and Lucas are in good hands! Have a great time with them, be safe and give it all to God! xoxoxo Laura

Brianna or Justin said...

I am excited and praying!