Monday, March 31, 2008

Lex's Brother

My brother Glenn is in Baghdad, in the middle of where the bombings are taking place. He actually works for the DSS and is in charge of protecting the high priority officials at the embassy. Long story short, his partner was taken out by shrapnel to the chest, my brother blood pressure is sky high, and he hasnt been able to eat for a day or so because of nerves. On top of that, everything is worsening with the situation around the embassy. He is supposed to fly to Kuwait tomorrow to be stabilized and then on to America on Sunday.

Please pray that his health will stabilize easily, that his journey out of the embassy to Kuwait would be uneventful, and that his team would be protected in a time of violent chaos.

If you would pass this along the nine30 email chain, that would be appreciated. God bless.



Stepping Out of the Boat said...

Oh, I am sorry...We'll pray!!! Please keep us posted on how he is doing!

Fantastic Four said...

We will most definitely be praying for him!!! Yes, please keep us posted!

Lyndsay said...

Will be praying!!!

Laura said...

Leah, you have so much going on. Lex, thank you for posting. Prayer sent and God is listening, watching, protecting and loving. Glenn, thank you for all that you are doing for our country, for the people of Iraq. God Speed!

apesdina said...

I'll be praying for sure. I miss you both!