Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Home sweet home

I'm in Missouri. I always feel like coming to Missouri is like coming home-minus the fact that my sweetie husband isn't by my side (I'm never at home without Lex). I grew up here for the 1st half of my existence and my mom, grandpa & lovely brother's family all live here. It's home.

I do have to mention that I cried for at least 15 minutes after I left Lex at the security checkpoint. I love to cry lately. It's like part of my day.

I've been having an awesome time with the Boster children. After I picked them up from grandma's we went to Chuck E Cheese's for 3 HOURS!!! They needed it so bad. They hadn't left the house since Friday night...I picked them up Tuesday afternoon. They were so wired and ready to let loose. Taking them anywhere else but Chuck E Cheese's would have been a disaster for me & pure frustration for their eager little legs and vocal cords. to CEC. The land of cheese pizza, tokens that disappear too quickly, endless tunnels to chase each other around in & cheap little star rings that cost 20 tickets. It was awesome. These three boys started chasing McKayley around the playscape. It turned into a 2 hour game involving everyone except Jace. Jace was skillfully entertaining himself on the video screen by singing corny songs and adding his own choreography. I got some video of it that I can post later along with the pictures. I would load some pics but I'm not quit sure how to work this computer fully & I don't want to blow it up.

So basically I wore them to the ground last night. I knew as much as they needed to get home for bedtime, they needed exercise and a place to scream their heads off (thank you 3 boys for prompting that one!) and run around like crazy. So we didn't leave CEC until 9:20 p.m. We came home & bathed, got curled up in mom & dad's bed and watched a Baby Einstein lullaby video. Which is currently my fav new movie in case you're wondering. I brought it from Texas "for the twins" but I knew I'd bust it out before they got here to watch it. It's so soothing & the kids totally calmed down and got drawn into it the minute it started. It was awesome. We actually watched it 2x. We all fell asleep the 2nd round of it.

After a wild and crazy night at CEC we all slept in this morning. We are going to leave in a little while to go do something fun. I don't know what yet. We need to go buy some stuff at Target for the twins but I don't know if I'm up to taking all 4 of them to Target. I might not be ready for that yet. Oh this if funny-I asked the girls if they wanted to go to Target to buy the twins some stuff. Faith was like, "can we get some new toys too?". I tried to reason with her that she had a whole house full of clothes & toys and they twins had nothing. They actually NEEDED things, but Faith & McKayley didn't. That didn't work the way I thought it would. Faith then said she could give the twins some of her clothes & toys. That way everyone would need new stuff! It was awesome. So then when I convinced her that we would only be buying for the twins she didn't want to go anymore. Nice.

No update on the African travelers. Adam & Stef go tomorrow to U.S. Embassy to get twins' visas. If they get them on Thursday, they'll leave Friday to come home early and get the twins in the hospital. Pray that everything goes well with the visas!!

Ok, I gotta go change Luke. He just told me he was poopoo. He was very right :)



Carolyn said...

Thanks so much for the update. I check your blog and Steffany's several times a day!

Your time away from Lex may be very difficult given his trip away from you last week and now your trip away from him this week along with all the hormonal issues of pregnancy. It does sound like the kids are so glad you arrived to be with them as their parents are off doing something so incredible. WOW to everyone. All of you are awesome!

Can't wait to meet the twins and certainly can't wait to meet your little one! Blessings!

Laura said...

Baby you rock! What a wonderful way to love on the Boster Clan! I wish we were all together and playing our hearts out. Great news today via Candace and Steff's blog. How positively fabulous. Keeping you covered in prayer! Love and Hugs!!!

Hey, did you hear from Sara? Give her a call. She has some interesting news too.

Fantastic Four said...

I have talked to you so much lately that I haven't commented on here. I keep laughing about Faith! I think she might secretly be one of mine! I think we are soul sisters! I told Jay and he laughed with me saying that she sounds a lot like me! You are a ROCK STAR sister! I am sad that things did not work out like we had thought and am bummed that I won't be meeting you this trip...I am awed at so many things right now. Jesus brought us all together for HIM to pray together and bring them home! Thanks for the sacrifice you made to help out Steffany and Adam.