Monday, March 24, 2008

Africa Update

I am way overdue for this post. The last week was CRAZY! It all started on Wednesday. My sister-in-law Steffany got a call from Ethiopia saying the babies they were leaving to pick up in 4 days were very sick. Apparently they had been sick for a while. The twins were still living in the orphanage. They should have been moved to the agency Adam & Steffany were using, but the orphanage wouldn't release the twins unless Adam & Steffany checked them out of the orphanage. So.....the lady at the agency went to pick them up to take them to the U.S. embassy for one of their appointments they had to have to get ready to come to America. She discovered they were very thin, feverish, not walking or sitting up, etc. The orphanage would not let her take them to the hospital so she called Steffany. Here it is 5 days prior to them leaving the states and they find out the babies are literally days away from death. We immediately begin praying for God's guidance and direction of what to do. The only solution was that Steffany get to Africa ASAP in order to get the babies out of the orphanage and start giving them medical attention. After much prayer and lots of rearranging of schedules & flights, Stef leaves for Africa Thursday instead of Saturday. She leaves without Adam. You have to realize that Steffany is this hot little mama who has never been out of the country let alone to AFRICA! I didn't like the thought of her traveling so far without Adam, but she had no choice. She traveled without her husband but not without her Lord. Bathed in prayer & not knowing what to expect when she arrived in Ethiopia, she headed out.

Adam left this past Saturday and arrived in Ethiopia Sunday evening. So how are the babies....well they are very sick but they are going to get better. About a month or so ago they weighed about 15 pounds. Now they weight 7 and 9 pounds and can barely hang on to a newborn diaper. They are TINY! Remember, they're almost 2 years old. They are responding now & are more alert than when Stef first got there. They are getting medical help in Africa but are trying to get back to the U.S. sooner than next Monday to get them admitted here.

On top of all that emotional roller coaster of a ride....Lex was in L.A. all week with our church on a spring break mission trip. Trying to sort through the emotions & tears of last week without my husband by my side was a strengthening of faith. Lex came home Saturday evening so we got to spend Easter together. Now it's Monday & I leave tomorrow morning for 8 days to Missouri. Did I mention that I'm pregnant? I'm getting bigger...not huge yet, but growing. The nausea has definitely calmed down for the most part. I usually experience it once a day. But my emotions are still crazy & being apart from Lex AGAIN is just not appealing to me. I'm so excited about going to Columbia though. I love love love my nieces and nephews there. They are a huge part of my life and I get to spend a whole week with them! I might even get to spend a lot of time with the babies if they get back earlier than planned.

I just feel very emotional & very vulnerable right now. I need prayer for strength & peace. It's so hard to think about petty stuff in times like this. Someone at work said something this past weekend about how they were starving. I almost lost it right there. My niece and nephew were literally starving and it almost cost them their precious little lives. We just don't get it here. We have such a narrow view of what it's like to suffer or go without. Please lift those babies up. They have a very long road ahead of them. We don't know the extent of the damage they have experienced yet. I hope they get well just as quickly as they got sick. We trust God's timing & will for them. He has them in His hands and will do what He wants....not necessarily what we want.

I'm off to get packed. I'll try to keep this updated this week while I'm in Missouri.

I hope you all had a God-filled Easter.

God speed Adam, Steffany & twins


Fantastic Four said...

Good words girl! It was so nice to talk to you yesterday. I am so happy that you'll be there with the kiddos today. They are going to be thrilled to have you there. We're praying for you and this whole situation. Devon and I had a big talk about the twins and it took the focus off him for a bit and helped him realize just how good he has it here. He added a special prayer for them and Adam and Stef. I can't wait to see what the next chapter of this amazing story holds.

Lyndsay said...

Thanks for the post. I have been trying to piece it all together... What happened, when, and why. OH! I just want to fly down to that orphanage and... I don't know... take some kids home and ask some questions. How come they didn't get the twins medical attention? How does that happen? And I didn't realize it was the agency who had to call Stef. What were the ppl of the orphanage thinking??? Not letting her take them to a hospital! It makes no sense.
I will def be praying for you! You are making an incredible sacrifice flying out there, esp being away from your hubby twice now. Much love and strength to you! ::hugs!::
And you're right... We have no idea how good we have it and all too often ppl like to ignore the severity of poverty in the world. Ignorance is not bliss.

Stepping Out of the Boat said...

Leah--I'm praying for you as you take over the troops today. I pray that all of your traveling goes smoothly. And for a peaceful heart as you are away from your hubby! What a wonderful sis, sil, and auntie you are!!!!!

Jason and Stephanie Trook said...

Thanks for the update on yourself and the twins! What are their names, so we can pray for them by name? It definitely shows that God has hand picked Steffany and Adams for these sweet babies!