Monday, March 31, 2008

Lex's Brother

My brother Glenn is in Baghdad, in the middle of where the bombings are taking place. He actually works for the DSS and is in charge of protecting the high priority officials at the embassy. Long story short, his partner was taken out by shrapnel to the chest, my brother blood pressure is sky high, and he hasnt been able to eat for a day or so because of nerves. On top of that, everything is worsening with the situation around the embassy. He is supposed to fly to Kuwait tomorrow to be stabilized and then on to America on Sunday.

Please pray that his health will stabilize easily, that his journey out of the embassy to Kuwait would be uneventful, and that his team would be protected in a time of violent chaos.

If you would pass this along the nine30 email chain, that would be appreciated. God bless.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Home sweet home

I'm in Missouri. I always feel like coming to Missouri is like coming home-minus the fact that my sweetie husband isn't by my side (I'm never at home without Lex). I grew up here for the 1st half of my existence and my mom, grandpa & lovely brother's family all live here. It's home.

I do have to mention that I cried for at least 15 minutes after I left Lex at the security checkpoint. I love to cry lately. It's like part of my day.

I've been having an awesome time with the Boster children. After I picked them up from grandma's we went to Chuck E Cheese's for 3 HOURS!!! They needed it so bad. They hadn't left the house since Friday night...I picked them up Tuesday afternoon. They were so wired and ready to let loose. Taking them anywhere else but Chuck E Cheese's would have been a disaster for me & pure frustration for their eager little legs and vocal cords. to CEC. The land of cheese pizza, tokens that disappear too quickly, endless tunnels to chase each other around in & cheap little star rings that cost 20 tickets. It was awesome. These three boys started chasing McKayley around the playscape. It turned into a 2 hour game involving everyone except Jace. Jace was skillfully entertaining himself on the video screen by singing corny songs and adding his own choreography. I got some video of it that I can post later along with the pictures. I would load some pics but I'm not quit sure how to work this computer fully & I don't want to blow it up.

So basically I wore them to the ground last night. I knew as much as they needed to get home for bedtime, they needed exercise and a place to scream their heads off (thank you 3 boys for prompting that one!) and run around like crazy. So we didn't leave CEC until 9:20 p.m. We came home & bathed, got curled up in mom & dad's bed and watched a Baby Einstein lullaby video. Which is currently my fav new movie in case you're wondering. I brought it from Texas "for the twins" but I knew I'd bust it out before they got here to watch it. It's so soothing & the kids totally calmed down and got drawn into it the minute it started. It was awesome. We actually watched it 2x. We all fell asleep the 2nd round of it.

After a wild and crazy night at CEC we all slept in this morning. We are going to leave in a little while to go do something fun. I don't know what yet. We need to go buy some stuff at Target for the twins but I don't know if I'm up to taking all 4 of them to Target. I might not be ready for that yet. Oh this if funny-I asked the girls if they wanted to go to Target to buy the twins some stuff. Faith was like, "can we get some new toys too?". I tried to reason with her that she had a whole house full of clothes & toys and they twins had nothing. They actually NEEDED things, but Faith & McKayley didn't. That didn't work the way I thought it would. Faith then said she could give the twins some of her clothes & toys. That way everyone would need new stuff! It was awesome. So then when I convinced her that we would only be buying for the twins she didn't want to go anymore. Nice.

No update on the African travelers. Adam & Stef go tomorrow to U.S. Embassy to get twins' visas. If they get them on Thursday, they'll leave Friday to come home early and get the twins in the hospital. Pray that everything goes well with the visas!!

Ok, I gotta go change Luke. He just told me he was poopoo. He was very right :)


Monday, March 24, 2008

Boster blog link

Africa Update

I am way overdue for this post. The last week was CRAZY! It all started on Wednesday. My sister-in-law Steffany got a call from Ethiopia saying the babies they were leaving to pick up in 4 days were very sick. Apparently they had been sick for a while. The twins were still living in the orphanage. They should have been moved to the agency Adam & Steffany were using, but the orphanage wouldn't release the twins unless Adam & Steffany checked them out of the orphanage. So.....the lady at the agency went to pick them up to take them to the U.S. embassy for one of their appointments they had to have to get ready to come to America. She discovered they were very thin, feverish, not walking or sitting up, etc. The orphanage would not let her take them to the hospital so she called Steffany. Here it is 5 days prior to them leaving the states and they find out the babies are literally days away from death. We immediately begin praying for God's guidance and direction of what to do. The only solution was that Steffany get to Africa ASAP in order to get the babies out of the orphanage and start giving them medical attention. After much prayer and lots of rearranging of schedules & flights, Stef leaves for Africa Thursday instead of Saturday. She leaves without Adam. You have to realize that Steffany is this hot little mama who has never been out of the country let alone to AFRICA! I didn't like the thought of her traveling so far without Adam, but she had no choice. She traveled without her husband but not without her Lord. Bathed in prayer & not knowing what to expect when she arrived in Ethiopia, she headed out.

Adam left this past Saturday and arrived in Ethiopia Sunday evening. So how are the babies....well they are very sick but they are going to get better. About a month or so ago they weighed about 15 pounds. Now they weight 7 and 9 pounds and can barely hang on to a newborn diaper. They are TINY! Remember, they're almost 2 years old. They are responding now & are more alert than when Stef first got there. They are getting medical help in Africa but are trying to get back to the U.S. sooner than next Monday to get them admitted here.

On top of all that emotional roller coaster of a ride....Lex was in L.A. all week with our church on a spring break mission trip. Trying to sort through the emotions & tears of last week without my husband by my side was a strengthening of faith. Lex came home Saturday evening so we got to spend Easter together. Now it's Monday & I leave tomorrow morning for 8 days to Missouri. Did I mention that I'm pregnant? I'm getting bigger...not huge yet, but growing. The nausea has definitely calmed down for the most part. I usually experience it once a day. But my emotions are still crazy & being apart from Lex AGAIN is just not appealing to me. I'm so excited about going to Columbia though. I love love love my nieces and nephews there. They are a huge part of my life and I get to spend a whole week with them! I might even get to spend a lot of time with the babies if they get back earlier than planned.

I just feel very emotional & very vulnerable right now. I need prayer for strength & peace. It's so hard to think about petty stuff in times like this. Someone at work said something this past weekend about how they were starving. I almost lost it right there. My niece and nephew were literally starving and it almost cost them their precious little lives. We just don't get it here. We have such a narrow view of what it's like to suffer or go without. Please lift those babies up. They have a very long road ahead of them. We don't know the extent of the damage they have experienced yet. I hope they get well just as quickly as they got sick. We trust God's timing & will for them. He has them in His hands and will do what He wants....not necessarily what we want.

I'm off to get packed. I'll try to keep this updated this week while I'm in Missouri.

I hope you all had a God-filled Easter.

God speed Adam, Steffany & twins

Friday, March 14, 2008

Baby Lily

There is a family that is hurting right now because they just lost their 3.5 year old baby girl. She took a nap one day and never woke up. Here are some links if you want to visit their blogs and send them words of encouragement or just lift them up in prayer.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Charlie bit me

This is hilarious!


IT'S OFFICIAL!!! Adam & Steffany passed everything needed in Ethiopian court and these are the pictures of their new babies! They are twins-boy & girl-we aren't 100% which one is the girl and which one is the boy. They'll be 2 years old in May but are developmentally (physically & probably everything else) under 1 year.

Adam & Stef are in the process of finalizing flights for Africa. I'll be taking care of Jace, McKayley, Faith & Lukas while they are gone. I fly to Missouri on the 25th of this month. We are all so excited & praise God for allowing us to be part of the twins' lives.

He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name-Ps. 147:4

The Psalm above is such a simple yet rich verse about God's sovereignty and infinite Lordship! He numbers the stars. He calls them by name! His creation is beautiful but is only a shadow of a form that is greater-the Almighty Lord! He desires to know us like He intimately knows all of His creation. Because of Adam & Stef's obedience to God's calling on their hearts to adopt, the lives of these two twins has forever changed today! He is bringing them out of an orphanage where they have been without proper nutrition & attention to a family that is sacrificing so much of themselves just to give them a Christian home where they will be loved. Adam & Stef aren't doing this for themselves as much as to fulfill the demand to care for God's orphans. God is sovereign over 2 little babies sitting in a dirty crib in Ethiopia waiting...

My heart is filled with so many emotions as I think about what the next few weeks hold. There are so many prayer requests that I want to share with you so that you prayer warriors can get on your knees and lift up this fragile time.

1.) Pray for unity for the Boster family. Changes are hard...Satan can and will try to attack God's will.

2.) Pray for finances. It's over $4000 just to fly to Africa. Adoption expenses are another $10,000 easily. TWINS ARE EXPENSIVE TOO! Pray that God will divinely provide this for the Boster family.

3.) Pray for travel....Adam & Stef to Africa & back, me to Missouri

4.) Pray God's peace over planning...Adam is in L.A. editing his movie. Leaving for such an extended period of time is going to be hard on him. Steffany will leave 4 children in MY HANDS! I am SO honored that she trusts me to take care of them while they are gone. Nonetheless, I'm sure it's still hard to leave your children for such a long time. Especially since they'll practically be out of contact. Also, please pray for my peace. I'm missing a lot of work & I'll be away from Lex a long time. On top of that, I might not get to even see Adam, Stef & the twins because we might miss each other by a few hours with flight times. Their flights haven't been booked yet, so it might work out to where I will get to see them when they get back. It's not about me though and I know it'd be ok if I didn't see them this trip.

5.) PRAY FOR THE TWINS!! They're leaving the only world they've known. They'll have to adjust & adapt to America, a huge family, nutrition, constant love & attention, etc! Lots of changes for their little hearts all at once!

Thank you Lord for this gift. I'm standing in awe of what You are doing and how You work these things out. It really is about the journey. You teach me that more and more each day.

God doesn't want to give us more necessarily, but for us to be faithful and good stewards with what we have. Thank you Lord for reminding me of that right now.

Peace & Grace,

Friday, March 7, 2008

Star Spangled Banner

There is a group of singers in Lubbock called the Cactus Cuties. This is an AMAZING video of them singing the National Anthem at the Texas Tech v. UT men's basketball game. I can't embed the video but you can view it on

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I love this video


Super Typer

I found this link via one of my friend's blogs. It's a speed test for typing. Try it. It's addicting and FUN!

68 words

Speed test

Baby clothes

Like I said in an earlier post, "It is so fun to buy baby clothes!" I just can't wait to find out which set I get to keep!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

What I've Been Up To

I haven't posted in 2 weeks. I have been sick & trying to survive the last part of the first Trimester. P.S. I survived!!! We're officially in the 2nd Trimester! I did something very exciting to celebrate today. I went shopping with my mother-in-law and niece today for BABY CLOTHES! It was possibly the most exciting thing that has happened during this pregnancy. I mean, it was so fun! I didn't realize how fun it would be to shop for our baby. In case you're wondering what I'm buying since we don't know the sex, I'm buying boy & girl stuff. I figure I'll just return what doesn't apply once we find out. I'll take pics tomorrow and post some of the outfits so I can document the 1st official purchases.

In the meantime...I want to share a gift I received from an old friend. She sent me preggie pops. AWESOME for nausea. Thank you Amy Cooper! I also have a new picture of our crazy cat Olly. I was taunting him one night and making him really mad. He was jumping up to try and bite me and Lex got a great pic of him in mid air. You think I'm exaggerating when I say that our cat is crazy. Now do you believe me?