Thursday, February 7, 2008

Leah's heart

8 things I'm passionate about
1. God's glory in and through all things
2. Lexington...sometimes I let him compete with my number one and it takes all that's in me to keep Lex #2 and God #1
3. Marriage-I mean model God's covenant with the church, Christ exalting, Ephesians 5, man is the leader, woman submits and follows, serve one another, and never look back marriage.  It is such a beautiful picture of Christ and the church!
4. Watching God make disciples and if I'm lucky, getting to be a part of that
5. corporate worship
6. purity of heart & mind
7. Christians living Biblically and not in a way that is based on their opinion
8. Africa's lost souls & its children

8 things I want to do before I die
1. Get through labor...freaking out over here 
2. See some of my dearest loved ones receive Christ...before they die at least
3. be a prayer warrior
4.  Move to Lex serve through medicine, work in an orphanage, bring clean water to villages, raise my children there
5.  Remain a faithful disciple to the end
6. Read the entire Bible...thanks for the example Jace
7.  Stop holding back truth and speak it in love
8.  Not be afraid of death 

8 things I often say
1.  "I love you"
2.  In responding to "How are you?", "Good!"  So programmed. 
3.   "Lex, do you work tomorrow?"
4. "Where's Little Foot?  Oh!  There he is!"  I usually say this every night before I go to bed.  He's always in the same place...on the floor next to the bed.  I still sleep with a dinosaur...I HAVE TO!
5.  "Would you like to open a Banana Card and get 15% off your purchase?"
6.  "Uhhhhh..this toilet stinks."
7.   "Oh Bubby!!"  (our cat)
8.  "What's today?"

Favorite 8 t.v. shows
I don't watch t.v. at all so here are the top 8 movies...

1.  LOTR-all of them
2. ELF
3. Hairspray 
4. Jurassic Park 
5. National Treasure (1&2)
6.  Hotel Rwanda
7.  Nacho Libre
8.  To Kill a Mockingbird

(not in any particular order)

8 things that attract me to friends
1.  Will they let me in?  Can I really know this person past the surface?
2.  I feel like I'm spending time with God when I'm with them
3.  I can talk about God with them & we can pray together
4.  Likes to spend quality time with me
5.  They let me serve them
6.  They laugh at my efforts of humor
7.  Encourage me to be better
8.  Isn't afraid to point me back to the cross or rebuke me

8 things I learned in 2007
1.  Sometimes you can't feel God and you just have to walk with Him because you KNOW He's there even when you can't see or hear Him moving
2.  I'm not a perfect wife and that's ok
3.  How to open up to Lex when I haven't seen him in several days because of work schedules
4.  Trusting in Jesus to know what is best for my life is the sweetest taste in my mouth
5.  I've learned how to feel people's hurt and struggles after praying for 2 years to be able to move past myself in this way
6.  Discernment is a gift and it's not always bad to get that feeling about somebody because sometimes it is God protecting you
7.  People are really confused about Christ and Christianity and I can't be afraid to be a beckon of truth to my neighbors or family
8.  Christ died for His enemies and I was one of them

That was awesome.  It's renewing to sit in the quiet for a long time and really think about who you are.  Coming up with the answers for these brought smiles, tears, sadness & hope to my heart.  I pray you will take time to post and share your heart or at least really think about how you would answer these questions.  


steffany said...

I'm so glad you did this.
I love you so much my sweet Leah.

BTW- Jace is now reading the bible straight through for the 2nd time. He's now on 1kings.

Fantastic Four said...

AWESOME!!! I love it! Love learning about you! LOVE YOU! Thanks for sharing.

Leah Dooley said...

I know I know....he's amazing and we're lazy tards. Seriously..he's amazing!

stephanie said...

This is such a cool thing to post about! You should do another 8 things some other time... such a good way to understand peoples' hearts, and yours is beautiful!
also, i am only a few more books away from finishing the Bible and it is definitley an amazing thing to accomplish/feel, i seriously hope you do it!

Leah Dooley said...

Stephanie-Super awesome thumbs up! Finish strong! I love your hair. Do you like it?

stephanie said...

thanks! the hair is a fun change... i give all credit to steffany though. definitley wouldnt have done it w/o the motivational talks and encouragement, but yes im liking it! :)

Laura said...

Beautiful Leah! Absolutely beautiful.