Thursday, February 7, 2008

I'm so in love

Lex and I went on a date last week.  We went out to eat and then went and saw 27 Dresses.   It was a very special night for us.  Before we left the theatre Lex grabbed me and kissed me in a way that gave me butterflies.  He kissed me and I felt like it was the first time. Like when it's new and everything turns your stomach upside down.    For the 1st time in a while I felt breathless.  I felt like we were on our honeymoon again. 

There's another song Alli Rogers sings that reminds me of Lex.  We sat on the couch yesterday listening to it and just held each other and cried.  She talks about a closeness with someone that transcends all senses we have as humans....hearing, seeing, etc.  If we were to lose those things we would be alright because your heart is part of mine.  If you are married or in love you get that.  Sometimes it's almost like our senses get in the way of expressing or feeling love.  Lex is part of my heart.  He's the other piece that I need in order for my heart to beat.  

So Lex, thank you sweet angel for all you are.  Thank you for being a Godly man and a man of wisdom and determination.  Thank you for treating me like a princess (even when I'm ridiculous) and for holding my hand the way you do.  Thank you for your touch and your smile.  Thank you for your dance and your guidance.  Forever seems too short with you.  I hope I can give you a portion of the love you've given me.   

Thank you for holding my heart so safely in your hands.  I am so in love with you.


steffany said...

Dear Leah,

All I want for Christmas is a box of kleenex. Oh my, that was so beautiful. I'm thank God that you and Lex have eachother.

stephanie said...

by far your best blog yet... so beautifully written. love the wedding pictures too

Fantastic Four said...

Awww...I have read this at least 5 times and I get chills every time! Brings tears to my eyes. So awesome to be in love!