Thursday, February 7, 2008


I've been listening  to a Christian artist named Alli Rogers.  She's new to my ears and my heart.  I absolutely love her lyrics and her rawness with God in her music.  She sings a song called "Choosing".  It settles deep into an authenticity with God that I often feel but don't necessarily know how to put into words.  Here are the lyrics.  You can listen to a clip of it on iTunes if you have access to the music store. 


I guess I need to choose

But today I am confused and losing ground

Is this part of some plan?

The rise and fall of man?

I can't be sure


When I'm away from my source of peace

Something fills that space in me

And it feels like I don't need you


It's easy to get by

When I don't even try to find the truth

Today I learned that faith

Is not to be obtained like a place I can go


It's more of a choice than a feeling

More of a wound than healing

The act of believing in you


And I guess I need to choose

But today I am confused

And losing ground


But maybe this is where I grow

When I admit that I don't know

When belief becomes the only way to you

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