Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Today we met our doctor for the first time. She is wonderful & I was very comfortable around her....that's a big bonus for me. She immediately picked up on the fact that I have a low (or no I should say) pain tolerance. She even asked me! It was funny. I was like, "What makes you think that? The awful look on my face & this scowl!" God has definitely blessed me with her.

We got to hear baby's heartbeat. Even though we'd seen the heartbeat, hearing it just made it real. I think it finally hit me today when we heard that little heart pumping so fast and working hard to get bigger and grow! I just can't believe it was coming from inside of me. God is amazing.

The doctor said everything looked and felt great. I've gained 5 pounds and she told me to start taking my nausea medicine so I can sleep at night. I don't like taking pills. Maybe I'll try it tonight. Night!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sex poll

Lex and I are really enjoying all the results for our baby sex poll.  For the longest time girl was winning by a landslide but now boy is back in the race.  (Like the poll is going to determine the sex or something!)

The questions is....Lex & I want to know what is the reasoning behind your vote?  Are you voting based on what you had first?  What you think we want first?  Are you praying and fasting and searching God's heart before voting?  J/K!  If you are...awesome, keep it up!  Flipping a coin-heads its a girl, tails its a boy?

We're just curious what's the motivation for your vote.  Please feel free to share by leaving a comment!  Maybe we'll tell you what we voted for and why soon. 

Sunday, February 10, 2008

8 Things I am Grateful for Today

1.  running water that is hot/cold at the twist of a knob
2. a bed that doesn't sit on the floor
3. shoes and socks
4. a full refrigerator
5. faithful husband
6. a job
7. community of believers to do life with
8. my family

The Best Medicine in the World

I found this on Godtube.com

So cute!!!!!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Baby Got Book

If you haven't ever seen this video watch it at least 3 times.  Get ready to laugh your head off!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The coolest uncle in the world

Away in a Manger

Stef this is what you've been waiting for your whole life!

I'm so in love

Lex and I went on a date last week.  We went out to eat and then went and saw 27 Dresses.   It was a very special night for us.  Before we left the theatre Lex grabbed me and kissed me in a way that gave me butterflies.  He kissed me and I felt like it was the first time. Like when it's new and everything turns your stomach upside down.    For the 1st time in a while I felt breathless.  I felt like we were on our honeymoon again. 

There's another song Alli Rogers sings that reminds me of Lex.  We sat on the couch yesterday listening to it and just held each other and cried.  She talks about a closeness with someone that transcends all senses we have as humans....hearing, seeing, etc.  If we were to lose those things we would be alright because your heart is part of mine.  If you are married or in love you get that.  Sometimes it's almost like our senses get in the way of expressing or feeling love.  Lex is part of my heart.  He's the other piece that I need in order for my heart to beat.  

So Lex, thank you sweet angel for all you are.  Thank you for being a Godly man and a man of wisdom and determination.  Thank you for treating me like a princess (even when I'm ridiculous) and for holding my hand the way you do.  Thank you for your touch and your smile.  Thank you for your dance and your guidance.  Forever seems too short with you.  I hope I can give you a portion of the love you've given me.   

Thank you for holding my heart so safely in your hands.  I am so in love with you.


I've been listening  to a Christian artist named Alli Rogers.  She's new to my ears and my heart.  I absolutely love her lyrics and her rawness with God in her music.  She sings a song called "Choosing".  It settles deep into an authenticity with God that I often feel but don't necessarily know how to put into words.  Here are the lyrics.  You can listen to a clip of it on iTunes if you have access to the music store. 


I guess I need to choose

But today I am confused and losing ground

Is this part of some plan?

The rise and fall of man?

I can't be sure


When I'm away from my source of peace

Something fills that space in me

And it feels like I don't need you


It's easy to get by

When I don't even try to find the truth

Today I learned that faith

Is not to be obtained like a place I can go


It's more of a choice than a feeling

More of a wound than healing

The act of believing in you


And I guess I need to choose

But today I am confused

And losing ground


But maybe this is where I grow

When I admit that I don't know

When belief becomes the only way to you

Leah's heart

8 things I'm passionate about
1. God's glory in and through all things
2. Lexington...sometimes I let him compete with my number one and it takes all that's in me to keep Lex #2 and God #1
3. Marriage-I mean model God's covenant with the church, Christ exalting, Ephesians 5, man is the leader, woman submits and follows, serve one another, and never look back marriage.  It is such a beautiful picture of Christ and the church!
4. Watching God make disciples and if I'm lucky, getting to be a part of that
5. corporate worship
6. purity of heart & mind
7. Christians living Biblically and not in a way that is based on their opinion
8. Africa's lost souls & its children

8 things I want to do before I die
1. Get through labor...freaking out over here 
2. See some of my dearest loved ones receive Christ...before they die at least
3. be a prayer warrior
4.  Move to Africa...watch Lex serve through medicine, work in an orphanage, bring clean water to villages, raise my children there
5.  Remain a faithful disciple to the end
6. Read the entire Bible...thanks for the example Jace
7.  Stop holding back truth and speak it in love
8.  Not be afraid of death 

8 things I often say
1.  "I love you"
2.  In responding to "How are you?", "Good!"  So programmed. 
3.   "Lex, do you work tomorrow?"
4. "Where's Little Foot?  Oh!  There he is!"  I usually say this every night before I go to bed.  He's always in the same place...on the floor next to the bed.  I still sleep with a dinosaur...I HAVE TO!
5.  "Would you like to open a Banana Card and get 15% off your purchase?"
6.  "Uhhhhh..this toilet stinks."
7.   "Oh Bubby!!"  (our cat)
8.  "What's today?"

Favorite 8 t.v. shows
I don't watch t.v. at all so here are the top 8 movies...

1.  LOTR-all of them
2. ELF
3. Hairspray 
4. Jurassic Park 
5. National Treasure (1&2)
6.  Hotel Rwanda
7.  Nacho Libre
8.  To Kill a Mockingbird

(not in any particular order)

8 things that attract me to friends
1.  Will they let me in?  Can I really know this person past the surface?
2.  I feel like I'm spending time with God when I'm with them
3.  I can talk about God with them & we can pray together
4.  Likes to spend quality time with me
5.  They let me serve them
6.  They laugh at my efforts of humor
7.  Encourage me to be better
8.  Isn't afraid to point me back to the cross or rebuke me

8 things I learned in 2007
1.  Sometimes you can't feel God and you just have to walk with Him because you KNOW He's there even when you can't see or hear Him moving
2.  I'm not a perfect wife and that's ok
3.  How to open up to Lex when I haven't seen him in several days because of work schedules
4.  Trusting in Jesus to know what is best for my life is the sweetest taste in my mouth
5.  I've learned how to feel people's hurt and struggles after praying for 2 years to be able to move past myself in this way
6.  Discernment is a gift and it's not always bad to get that feeling about somebody because sometimes it is God protecting you
7.  People are really confused about Christ and Christianity and I can't be afraid to be a beckon of truth to my neighbors or family
8.  Christ died for His enemies and I was one of them

That was awesome.  It's renewing to sit in the quiet for a long time and really think about who you are.  Coming up with the answers for these brought smiles, tears, sadness & hope to my heart.  I pray you will take time to post and share your heart or at least really think about how you would answer these questions.