Monday, January 14, 2008

Christmas in Poplar Bluff in January

This room has seen so many generations.  I love this room because it feels like home. It never changes.  It misses Mimi, but it still feels like she's there every time I walk into it.

My favorite part about going to P.B. is seeing my Papa.  I adore Papa.  
He's my John Boy.

The boys

Uncle Jerry is hilarious.  He's always cracking jokes with the kids.  Uncle Jerry sat with Steffany and the kids one night for dinner at the white table.  He kept messing with Faith and she turned to him and said, "You better stop!  I took Karate!"  I don't think he stopped.  Uncle Jerry will never stop being Uncle Jerry.  Gotta love him!  

This is Aunt Sarah's "They have no idea I don't have a tenth of a second hand on my watch" grin!  She had Faith, Jace & McKayley running around Papa's house in circles for about an hour.  They thought they were being timed to the tenth of the second and kept trying to beat the "record".  Oh Aunt are clever!
Aunt Sarah is an amazing woman.  She loves her husband, loves her family & her Lord.  I always look forward to visiting with Aunt Sarah when I go to P.B. 

Uncle Lex & Lukas had a workout showdown one night.  It started with action figures working out but morphed into them doing push ups & stretches together.  Luke counted to 10 each time they did something new.  It was so cute...I mean, manly!

"Come on stretch it out old man!"

"One, Two, Three...I want results!"

This became a daily ritual while we were in P.B.  The kids got in the blanket and Lex & Adam swung them.  THEY LOVED IT!  It was rather scary to watch b/c they got so close to the ceiling.

This is the living room where I've had my best and most cherished Christmas memories.

I love opening presents with McKayley, Jace, Faith & Lukas b/c they are the most patient & grateful children I know.  After they opened a gift they'd stop, go over to whoever gave it to them and hug & thank them.  It was awesome.  P.S. I didn't get a picture of it, but Papa got peanut brittle and before the whole thing was over, he had it opened and all over himself.  He's getting pretty messy when he eats!

Every L.A. film producer needs a good Texas t-shirt with a cowboy on it.  YEE-HAW

My least favorite part about going to P.B. is saying bye to Papa.  It's so hard.


steffany said...

Thank you taking pictures while you were there and capturing those memories. What a blessing.

stephanie said...

1- i can totally see Faith saying that about taking karate, hilarious.
2- your Papa might be the cutest man i have ever seen...
and 3- i voted you are having a girl... i really feel it!

Leah Dooley said...

Yeah Stephanie!!! I'm so glad you're joining us on our blog! Papa is pretty stinkin adorable & thanks for the vote. It was good seeing you for 7 minutes the other day :)