Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Why isn't it snowing?

Merry Christmas everyone!!!! 

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Lilies

I haven't posted in days.  I've wanted to several times but haven't had a second to sit down to do it. In fact, I don't have time to right now, but oh well.  I had an emotional overload moment today in the grocery store.   It all started with a phone call from Manon, the lady who disciples me.  We were talking about Joel coming for Christmas.  I just asked her to pray about him coming and being here with us for Christmas.  Joel never leaves his brother during Christmas so it's extra special that he agreed to come to Lubbock to spend Christmas with us this year.  He got here today and I was so excited but at the same time nervous b/c I want him to have a good time and enjoy Christmas. I just want him to be comfortable here.  Then I started looking at flowers.  I wanted to buy something for Marcie, my mother-in-law, b/c she has been sick and has been down about being behind on shopping and Christmas preparation.  I spent last night driving her around town to help her finish Christmas shopping.  It was so good to spend some alone time with her. She's an amazing lady.  Anyways, I wanted to take her some flowers to cheer her up and I started getting really sad about her being so sad.  Then...I thought about me and Lex.  We had a tiff last night...I can't even remember what it was about.  He was at work when it happened and we hadn't seen each other since b/c he was still asleep when I left the house.  Lex and I don't get in big arguments so when something little happens one of us usually ends up crying and apologizing.  Lex works Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so I was sad about that, too.  Then....I saw this center piece that looked just like one I sent Papa on Mimi's BDay and it made me think of her.  I miss Mimi and I know that Papa hurts a million times more, especially during this time.  Mimi was always all about Christmas.  Her house at Christmas....I can't even describe it....there are no words. 

So I started balling.  I was just standing there looking at these Christmas plants and it all hit me at once.  It was like I really was experiencing more emotion than I could handle at once so I had to let it out.  There was no waiting till the car or until I got home.  I just stood there with tears streaming down my face.  I called Lex and managed to get out what was going on after lots of  "Are you ok? Where are you???".  I composed myself enough to get to the checkout line and then almost lost it again when the cashier asked me how I was doing.  Did she really want to know?  

I'm still emotional although better.  I think that God is speaking to my heart and trying to remind me that nothing will satisfy me except Him.  I fall into the trap of looking to Lex, family, presents, shopping and Christmas meals to satisfy me during this crazy season.  But as my blog title proclaims...His grace is sufficient.  It's sufficient for Joel's searching heart, it's sufficient for Marcie's tired heart, it's sufficient for mine and Lex's selfish hearts, and it's sufficient for Papa's broken heart. 

I did manage to pick out a plant with these beautiful white lilies.  I was standing in James & Marcie's kitchen tonight smelling them and God whispered something to me. He told me that He was there and that He made beautiful things.   And I felt like everything was going to be ok again.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Chick-Fil-A or McDonald's

I just received an email (see below) and am trying so hard not to laugh at how ridiculous it is. First off, I am a manager at Banana Republic-one of Gap's 3 brands. I read every communication and direction received from corporate on a daily basis. The email below is a lie. I have not once been directed or had to direct any of our associates to use the phrase "holiday" instead of Christmas. We have no marketing that states "holiday" in our store and I think I would know it if "Christmas wasn't allowed" in our store as the email states below. And further more...we are closed on Christmas Day, not "holiday". I just checked our store planning calendar and December 25th is Christmas Day, not Holiday Day.

I wonder if the person who originally sent this email out had any facts. And it cracks me up when people forward this like they know for sure that everything is factual and something as drastic as "boycotting Gap Inc." is necessary.

The reality of the world we live in today is that most retail stores do not PROMOTE Christmas but at the same time, don't promote ANYTHING BUT GIFT BUYING. I spent the last 15 minutes looking at various websites, Walmart, Target, J Crew, Bath & Body Works, Ann Tayor, Neiman Marcos, Old Navy, Gap, Banana's, Sharper Image & Apple. I found the word Christmas on TWO websites...Target's & Bath & Body Works'. Hmmmm.....do we need to boycott all those other stores? We need to realize that retail stores are in business to do business not religion. They sell gifts to all religions and people groups no matter what holiday it's for. I challenge each of you who even considers believing this absurd email to browse some of these stores sites and see how many retailers are out there promoting Christmas in the least bit. Very few..

Further more...is it the retailer's job to promote Christmas and the gospel or the church's? Last time I checked America was a pagan, capitalist, consumer oriented country. EVEN IF Gap Inc. "BOYCOTTED CHRISTMAS" (which it doesn't), do we do the same to them? When you meet an unbeliever (who basically is boycotting the Savior Jesus Christ) do you turn your back and boycott him? Of course not! You love on him and pray for him and be a light of truth. Gap Inc. is a very liberal company. We need Christians in our stores to be Jesus to the kids who work there and the people who run Gap Inc. We need Christians to come in and buy Christmas gifts and witness to the cashiers about the true meaning of Christmas. It's very hard for the secular world to see this b/c most people, Christians included, get wrapped up in the presents & ornaments. Go buy a gift and while the cashier is checking you out, talk to them about Jesus! THAT'S THE ANSWER my friend. That's what Jesus needs from us. He doesn't need all the Christians to flee to Chick-fil-A and hang out there b/c their closed on Sundays. That's awesome that they are and I love that company for taking that stand, but we can't rely on them to spread the message that we hold inside us! Gap Inc. isn't going to get saved by going bankrupt. The individual lives that make up the company will get saved by YOU being a light to them.

I think this frustrates me the most b/c Gap Inc. is part of my life. It's my 40 hours a week where I pour my sweat and blood out trying to be a witness for Christ. I'm working for a secular company just like most retail stores out there. But Christ calls us to be an ambassador for Him first and then a manager or an accountant or a doctor. I've watched God do amazing things at Banana in me and in others.

My prayer for us this season is that we won't let satan keep us so focused on pointing the finger at other's, that we are distracted from examining our own hearts and motives during Christmas time.

I send this email to remind us all that the BODY of CHRIST needs to step up and voice the meaning of Christmas and quit worrying about every establishment that isn't.

Do you think Christ would be hanging out at Chick-fil-A or McDonald's? He probably wouldn't care about which company was getting his money, but whether which company was getting his love.

If anyone has any comments or questions about this email please feel free to email me or call me. You know my heart.

Sufficient grace from the cross,

Leah Dooley

Help Sink Old Navy's Blockade

You would think a company that gets the vast majority of its business from Christians would be respectful of its customers. Such is true of companies that don't have an anti-Christian bias. But not at Old Navy. Old Navy has put a blockade around Christmas.

Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic are owned by the same company. And all three boycott Christmas. At these stores, Christmas isn't allowed because a handful of non-Christians are offended. Old Navy doesn't want to offend non-Christians. But they sure don't worry about offending Christians.

They will take your money, but they will not recognize Christmas.

Old Navy doesn't sell Christmas gifts. They sell "holiday" gifts. They don't close their stores on Christmas. They close on "holiday." They don't observe "Christmas morning," they observe "holiday morning." They don't wish customers a "Merry Christmas." They wish them a "happy holiday." Old Navy boycotts Christmas.

Old Navy has been boycotting Christmas for years. And despite thousands and thousands of requests to recognize Christmas, they refuse to do so. In fact, Old Navy is so adamant about boycotting Christmas that they have blocked incoming e-mails requesting they recognize Christmas.

When an Old Navy store manager was asked if the word "Christmas" was used in his store, he answered: "We have a lot of Christmas gifts in our stores, but the word 'Christmas' is not used here. Everything is 'holiday.'"

Old Navy even makes a joke of Christmas by offering video greetings called "Happy Chrismukkah."

Take Action!

After you have signed the petition, call Old Navy and tell them in a kind and polite way that as long as they boycott Christmas, you will boycott Old Navy. The toll free number is 1-800-427-7895. The company number is 650-952-4400. When requested, push the order number when prompted so you will be able to speak with a live person.
Forward this to your friends and family! Help us promote the boycott of Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic.

Take Action

Saturday, December 15, 2007


I just got home from the Nutcracker.   I can't believe I am saying this but I saw the Nutcracker for the first time in my entire life tonight...I'm 25!!  Who waits till they're 25 to see the Nutcracker????  You think I mean that I hadn't ever seen it live, but oh no, I mean I hadn't ever read the book, seen the movie...you name it.  I didn't even know the story one bit.  Did you know it was all Clara's dream?  I DIDN'T!!

It was amazing and I'm wondering why I was deprived of it all these years.  Now I finally know where all those wonderful Christmas symphony songs come from and who the Sugar Plum Fairy is!  

This is amazing.  I feel like it's opened up a world of opportunities that I have been missing out on.  If you haven't already seen it (I'm probably the only one left) go see it.  Make it a date w/ the husband and get all dressed up!  This isn't what I did.  I went with the husband's mom and our niece :) Thank you Lord for ballerinas and beautiful music.  Just perfect.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Quiet Time

Olly's prayer picture was taken immediately following his meditations on the book of Revelations.  He loves Jesus.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's Begun

I've been contemplating what to write about for my 1st OFFICIAL POST and it's stressing me out so much that I haven't been able to post anything. It's the weirdest thing and I know I just need to post SOMETHING!  Steffany is breathing down my neck b/c my blog is becoming famous on the world wide web for having no postings.  So here it is.....

For my first post I want to introduce you  to our cat Olly.  Olly is currently running around the house trying to sneak into the Christmas tree.  I keep hearing the ornaments rattling around so I run in the living room to find him crouched down trying to look innocent in the tree skirt.  
"Maybe they won't see me"

All I have to do is clap my hands really loud and say "Olly!" and he runs off to hide.  Olly...also known as Bubby or Oliver...is stinking crazy.  Like really, he's crazy.  Olly spends most of his time laying on things or in things.  He'll find a way to nestle into anything or take a nap on top of the most random uncomfortable thing. 
 Here are some of our fav pics of Olly

Taking a study break
Olly sleeping on the laptop with his eyes open

In one of his favorite resting places

Another favorite spot to lounge

Didn't know he was up there and he scared me to death when his head popped out

I told you he was crazy!

Warm and cozy

Helping me with unpack the drycleaning

nasty wound
Here is a clip of Olly when he came home from surgery.  He had a nasty wound on his leg that he had to get sewn up. The poor boy had to wear a cone around his neck for 2.5 weeks because he kept trying to pull his stitches out.  He became really depressed.  It was so pathetic and hilarious at the same time.

So now you've officially been introduced to Olly and I've officially begun my days of blogging. Go me!  This took forever so I'm going to bed now.

It is for freedom He's set us free. 
Galatians 5:1